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Country: North America, US, United States

City: 18501 Scranton, Pennsylvania

  • D. Carney - Perfect to Put to silence the Puny Pleas of the Proletariat!My Bourgeoisie Buddies and I have searched long and far for a solution to our dreadful issues with the Proletariat's irresponsible and unreasonable demands for equality and compassion. Hark! A solution reveals itself! Upon ordering this wonderment of crowd dispersal, we were giddy and talked a fortnight (over several bottles of scotch and fine cigars) about how our lives will be so much more livable when we've silenced the working class once and for all!

    On receiving the package I squealed with glee. I took my lovely new tool outside and sprayed several unarmed, non-violent lesser people in the face several times. Let them never say that this tool cannot get the job done! Though I was unable to get them to promise to never return, based on their screaming, sobbing, and clenching of their faces, I am quite sure this tool has done the trick. No more will they request a far wage or benefits! No more will they question our business ethics (ha!), and no more will I need to pay for their children to have food in their bellies every night or their bodies free of cancer. Ha ha! My only regret is that I hadn't opted for overnight delivery! (Damn you, mounted couriers! Why don't you get REAL jobs like us?!).

    Go, proletariat! Let this tool be a warning! Go infest your diseased homes with dirt floors! If you were one of the chosen ones (like us) and not such vermin (like you), you could live such a life as us with our wondrous spray, corporate tax breaks/personhood and indoor plumbling!
  • horacio lozano - Nice tablet!!!I am very please with this tablet works great, it was a gift for my wife and she is very happy. I would buy more of this no question.
  • Mary Hooks - 2013 Blue Dog CalendarI just got my 2013 Blue Dog Calendar in the mail. It is awesome. This confirmed Crazy Cat Lady absolutely loves Blue Dog. I wish I could hang it up now instead of waiting until January. This calendar is just the right size for daily use and yes, it will be replacing the never ending Cat calendars I've used for the past 30 years. Thank You!!!