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  • LA Master - Sketchbook Pro, nothing quite like itSimple and easy to install, I'd suggest this program for those who really would like a sketchbook-like feel to their drawings, while still maintaining a professional egde to their style. It works wonders with a drawing tablet, and the abiluity to capture images right off the screen with it's capturing tool is a added bonus, no need to have to download a seperate program for screen capturing.
    Also, the brushes can easily be reconfigured to suit your needs, and the layer functions are far more simple to understand and work with than most programs. Just be preapred to see that this programs isn't all about "facy tools" what you see in the brush selector is what you get, and tones and screens aren't avalible in this program. Like the product's name reads, this program is mostly for grasping concepts, or helping to finish up or re-touch a piece. Overall, a very good program for the money, I'd highly reccomend it! ;D
  • Yosemite Joe - Great but Not CompleteThis diet got me on the road to healing, and gave me hope where the doctors gave me only despair and cream with a black cancer warning label.

    I found, from a very smart guy named Randall over at on the news groups, that I could "cheat" this diet almost completely except during an outbreak when going to far with alcohol, etc. The simple program I use is to take a table spoon of sweet whey (Bob's Red Mill sells it, it's VERY cheap). This feeds the "good" gut bacteria, which balance the immune system and line the gut.

    But you may have to start with a probiotic powder mixed with oil, which keeps the stomach acid from killing the probiotic. Of else you could try Flora Smart probiotics (sold here), they seem to have a special liner that works. If you really want to go after it, try thewholewhey(DOT)com. The sell a probiotic implant system, but be ready for a little surprise how it works!

    You can read all about this over at the news group I mentioned. Again, the book was great, but with the additional knowledge, I have been able to go back to a nearly normal diet for 2 years and keep the P totally clear, except for a few times when I drank a beer every day or two for a while.

    Good Luck!