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  • Elizabeth Hearron "Dirt Girl" - If you are still using regular shampoo, your r damaging your hair!!!This is the only product you should be using on your hair, although the lavender is a strong scent and I love it, I will probably order the sweet almond mint next time. I have stick strait hair and with only using the cleansing conditioning product my hair has volume and keeps a curl or wave even over night!! It is great for those of us with very fine hair and talk about soft and shiny!!!! Also purchasing via Amazon keeps you from having auto ship if you don't want it. I have medium length hair and find that I get a good amount with only 10 - 12 pumps. If you have not tried this product do it now, you will love it!
  • T Wu "TW" - The best thing I've found for chronic, low-level GI problemsI used to have chronic, excessive gas with no clear reason--not even repeated visits to the GI doctors yielded any clues. They checked for H. pylori, uclers and other problems, but none surfaced. One doctor suggested at the end of a series of exasperating doctor visits that perhaps my intestinal flora was out of balance, and that I should try using align for a couple of months. I went out to the local Target and bought some, and 2 months later, I was different person--many of my previous issues with my GI system were now either non-existent or so minor that I forgot about them. I didn't see a need to continue probiotic therapy after those 2 months, and thankfully, the results were persistent. Now I recommend align to family and friends with GI issues, and many report positive results, too. Personally, I don't take align anymore, except after periods of doctor-prescribed antibiotic therapy for strep throat, sinusitis, etc. when my stomach/gut gets queasy because of the antibiotics--even then, 2-3 weeks of align 1 week after the antibiotic therapy stops usually gets my gut health back to where I want it to be.