Incurin 1mg Tablets For Dogs with Urinary Incontinence - Incurin is a drug that is used to control urinary incontinence in dogs, specifically spayed bitches.

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  • Steven R. Hardy "mrnecsteve" - Asus PrimeExcellant Tablet. No Wifi issues here . (I can walk 300 feet down my driveway and still be connected).
    GPS . I have to go outside for GPS to work 100 percent ( same as my 3 Garmins and Ham radio Handy-talkie)
    If you take it out of "balanced mode" and enable it to use the graphics GPU's this sucker IS fast.
    (most salespeople I have encountered have NO idea of these settings and NO idea of the NVIDEA games available. (Theyre too busy selling overhyped and over priced Ipads)

    The ability to spend 6 bucks on an HDMI cable and play it on my HD tv is fantastic!
    The ability to move a memory card back and forth between my HDMI Contour camera,my cell phone,mylaptop and my PC is nice.
  • Pamela Chapman "Pam" - Must read and follow for GI healthMy family doctor gave me this book upon discharge from the hospital with colitis and celiac sprue disease based on lab work. He had another patient who had tried it with great improvement. I was so sick that I was ready to try anything to feel healthy again. This is an change of eating habbits that you can't cheat on!!! But after a month it seems normal and you feel much better. The recipes are easy to follow and most are pretty good. I have been a registered nurse for over 22 years and this book is highly recomended.
  • JustBlue - Works for meAll I wanted was more storage space in a drive designed to sit horizontally. This one is working fine -- so far anyway. It popped up immediately in My Computer and had just a small amount of registration software that could be deleted. It is very quiet. USB 3.0 speed is just what it was supposed to be.

    I made a bracket to mount it under my desk. That keeps it out of sight and also exposed the bottom of it to air. The bottom is where the vent holes are and when it is sitting on the desk there is almost no space for the heat to escape, although it didn't seem particularly warm when it was sitting on the desk.