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  • Y. Figueroa "Lavender queen" - My dog looks like a superstar!A friend of mine ordered this and didn't like the 'no lather' so she gave it to me. I am the lavender connoisseur and this is A++ lavender.

    I read the book she gave me as well and after reading that they use certain products on their dogs I decided to apply this to my Border Collie's hot spots. They had been driving her crazy and the itching was driving me crazy too and I work this on her every day and within ONE DAY her hot spots were gone and her coat is so shiny!

    I have tried 3 of these products on myself as well and all I can say is affordable and quality!
  • Genevieve "I'm an a I'd knitter and I love li... - Great productBeautiful colors and much easier to use the separate magnet rather than the drug store bottles with the magnet in the handle. Love the 3 options, especially the star.
  • K. L. Woomer - Overlooked Floyd ClassicI liked Momentary Lapse Of Reason. And for good reason, 'On the turning away' and 'Sorrow' plus 'Yet Another Movie' were great songs, and I am not mentioning some others that were great on that record. BUT, make no mistake about it, DB is a way better product. Sounds so much more like a Meddle era, or possibly WYWH product. Cluster One is incredibly PF type of opening, and very relaxing. The rocker songs like WDYWFM and KT are just great songs to 'air guitar' to. The album is better than MLOR for another important reason, it flows. Each song flows into each other, something floyd has always been able to do, but MLOR really didn't do all that well. Songs like HIGH HOPES and LOST FOR WORDS really grab your attention with the lyrical message. I really think that most PF fans like this CD, and the ones that don't are in denial. I bet Roger Waters would like this CD if it was called anything but PINK FLOYD, but that doesn't mean that it will not go down as a great PF recording. Which it is.
    A couple of months after writing this review... I bought this CD when it came out, and I tell you, everytime I put this CD into a CD player and someone hears it, they almost ALWAYS (as if on cue) ask who it is, and they really like it or, is THAT PINK FLOYD? It is a classic, and some classics will never be known until way after the release, but this one is going to stand up to the test of time due to the great music, the great flow and ebb of Richard Wrights keyboards and DG's wonderful guitar playing throughout the record. ALSO, I think the lyrics are great throughout the recording and those who will listen to them without thinking of anything but the present will be pleased. Anything else is just prejudice.It is my opinion that if this had been released by anyone other than PF, it would be viewed as a great recording, but unfortunatly for PF, they compete against themself everytime they release something. If they release something and it is not on par with, sound like, be like, imitate DSOTM or THE WALL, then it is automatically panned as crap. Or, if it doesn't have someone's favorite bass player on it, it is automatically panned. I encourage people to view this as a stand alone recording. Then, it truely has legs, and will outrun most anything in anyones collection.But, a lot of people really dislike this recording, and I could be totally wrong.
  • A. Willis - Plain and Simple... It Works!I have been using Rogaine for about three months now. I started using it on my temples and have had great results. I have recently started using it on the top of my scalp and my receding hairline. Though not clinically tested for either of these areas this is where my hair loss is. What else can I say plain and simple other than... it works.