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  • smartblondie - Amazing, Unique HeroI had really high expectations when I read this story because I love the other books in this Maiden Lane series so much, and I was not disappointed. There was just the right amount of mystery in the story which in no way detracted from the romance between Winter and Isabel. I really liked the fact that in this story, the hero was the virginal, inexperienced character while the heroine is the one with the sexual experience. Isabel was a good heroine, strong and independent with the right amount of warmth and kindness. Although for me, the real star of the book was our hero Winter. I've been so intrigued by his character in the other three books of the series, and was fascinated to see how this rigid, proper schoolmaster would fare when given his own love story. I couldn't get enough of reading about Winter in this story. He has abstained from sex in order to dedicate his life to his work in St. Giles and resists his attraction to Isabel, but I loved how he slowly acknowledged his connection with her before finally giving in. When Winter eventually does let the "beast" in him come out to play, let's just say things get a bit steamy. On top of his quick learning in the bedroom, Winter is such a great hero because he cares so deeply for those around him, including Isobel, and I adored the way he commits wholeheartedly to their relationship once he makes the decision to become intimate with her. Winter is a truly wonderful hero and the biggest reason why this book is such a success in my eyes. I would definitely recommend anybody to read this book for Elizabeth Hoyt's wonderful storytelling and the amazing hero she has created here.
  • Dennis Charpentier - Great ProductThe item was packaged well and delivered on time. It worked right out of the box. There are a ton of apps available both for fun and games or productivity. The tablet is fast and responsive. Many useful apps were provided by Samsung. Great product...would buy it again.
  • Skin Care Geek "More ... - A highly effective ance treatment product, but...Proaciv is a highly effective acne treatment brand but, here's the catch - you have to keep at it. Firstly, it takes a few weeks before you see significant results. This is the case for any acne treatment product really - you just HAVE to be consistent and give it time. So, folks looking for a quick solution to their problem (i.e. - clearing up your skin in time for prom or a wedding, for example) will be disappointed.

    Secondly, it is not a magic potion capable of "curing" acne. Once you stop using the product, your acne will return unless you take active steps to maintain the health of your skin. It is often believed that merely using a product can be the only change made to help your skin. Clear skin is about more than just using the right brands.... having clear skin is about understanding skin.

    Overall, I'd say use this product if you can afford to consistently buy it. If you can't, understand the ways to help keep your skin healthy since, if you don't take those steps, it is HIGHLY likely be disappointed once you stop using Proactiv.

    Side note: Do use all three components of the set if you can. Since it was formulated to work as a set, it is better to use it that way in the end.