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  • TheReliableOne - Zeitoun - Easily An American ClassicA compelling account of the struggle of a New Orleans couple, Zeitoun immerses readers into the wrath of the impact of Hurricane Katrina and its terrible effects. Continuously making reference to Zeituon's past life in Syria, the American government is compared, exposed and critiqued for their many failures. This memoir clarifies many myths and assumptions and justifies the confusion and unpreparedness shown by FEMA and the US government. Within the context of the Hurricane Katrina aftermath, the importance of family is also seen in this memoir. Family, preparedness, US government and humanity are all factors addressed in Zeitoun. So before you flip to page 1, ask yourself, "Am I fully prepared to immerse myself in the lifestyle and experiences of Abdulrahman Zeitoun and take on Hurricane Katrina the way he did?"
  • Vincent Bucchieri "Vincent Bucchieri" - Good BookThis book has all the up to date information regarding the antibiotics, bacteria, and guidelines to using the medications. It is split up into different sections allowing one to search through the book based off the bacteria or drug they are interested in knowing more about. It also has many reference tables at the end of the book, such as the guidelines for COPD and asthma (plus many more). The format is also very clear and easy to understand. If you need a comprehensive book about antibiotic therapy, I highly recommend this one here.
  • Antiturfing - Astroturfing's bad mm-k"Astroturfing -- the process of a faux "grassroots" effort, often set up by cynical and soulless DC lobbyists pretending to create a "grassroots" campaign around some subject -- is certainly nothing new. It's been around for quite some time, and it's rarely successful. Most people can sniff out an astroturfing campaign a mile away because it lacks all the hallmarks of authenticity. A separate nefarious practice is fake Amazon reviews -- which have also been around for ages -- amusingly revealed when Amazon once accidentally reassociated real names with reviewers' names to show authors giving themselves great reviews. Over time, Amazon has tried to crack down on the practice, but it's not easy." - Mike Masnick,
  • Pokey - They've earned one more loyal user.I used to use Norton, and it was always causing problems. You never knew it was causing the problems, but it seemed like if a problem happened and I researched how to fix it - it would always come down to some issue with Norton. Either it would be unfixable or there would be some huge, long, detailed list of steps I would have to take to navigate through Norton's settings and menus to fix the problem. However, 90% of the time, the settings and menus were no longer set up the same way! So the internet's answers were always outdated and I would have to spend forever searching in the settings to see if the fix was still possible. -But really, this just showed me that Norton was allowing these issues to occur without attempting to make an easy fix or work-around (because they existed for so long that Norton was changing their menus with system updates - but no fix). I assumed this was just the norm for security programs.

    Kaspersky has been easy and great. I haven't had any problems and the interface is easy to use.
    Also - they have a features where EVERY link to anything will show a little green flag next to it to say it's reliable. By default, this is turned off because it's too much on the screen - but it you want to be extra paranoid, you can turn it on and only click on approved links. It's nice for a company to set defaults for the average user, but STILL HAVE OPTIONS FOR OTHER PEOPLE! No one goes by this philosophy anymore. Thank you Kaspersky, and please don't become like your two major competitors.