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  • Gerald L Johnson "jcell" - Fantastic and beyond beliefI have bought a lot of stuff from Amazon over the years and I normally don't comment, but this time I had to because of Amazon's service and the quality of my new Char-Broil Grill. I ordered my Char-Broil Quantum two days ago and received it today. I took my time putting it together and it took me about two hours. There was enough hardware to assemble the unit with a few washers left over. There were no dents, no dings and no errors. Ha. I did a lot of research on this unit so I believe I got exactly what I wanted.. There were some people that complained and I have no reason why. Hooked up my propane tank, pushed the button and it ignited immediately. I seasoned the unit prior to lighting it off. It smoked for about ten minutes and I let it run for another five minutes then shut it off. Nice bronze color inside. By the way it showed 700 degrees plus in about 7-8 minutes. Tried it out this evening for supper by cooking a chicken breast. It wasn't just good, it was great! To me it seemed that the cooking time was about the same as my old gas grill for this item anyway. For almost a year at supper I have cooked my meats outside on the grill and even my vegetables sometimes. Now I am going to enjoy cooking even more outside. Enough said.
  • Michael A. Waddle - It's a great Tv so farThis is my first smart Tv and my first LG. I usually stick with Samsung for my Tv's and monitors as I have had a good experience with them. With that said I have never seen a better picture on a Tv and it's very bright. So watching during the day time or a well lit room is no problem with this Tv.

    I would also like to note that I am a big gamer. One of the major things I was looking for when doing research was how responsive the tv was playing video games. And I am very happy with how good my Xbox 360 and Ps3 work on it. I even hooked up my computer to it to play some of my steam games.

    Something I don't like about this Tv is the Tru-view or Tru-motion system. I think that's what it called. With this mode active it makes your movies and tv shows look like they have very strange camera movements. For awhile I thought it was just the way the Tv processed the video. But thank god I was able to turn off that feature.

    Something else that I am kinda annoyed about with this Tv is it does not have the Amazon Instant video App. It's not available to download as well. But yet it has most of the other ones. Personally I have a lot of movies purchased on Amazon so this is especially annoying to me. So I have to waste one of my 3 HDMI ports for my ROKU box. If they added Amazon instant video I could remove my ROKU altogether.

    The smart Tv features are an interesting feature to me. It's my very first Smart tv and I love the idea. I am also a power user on the computer so by hooking up my computer to the tv. I am tempted to just use the computer over the smart Tv system. Especially on things like Youtube. I really don't like the interface for youtube on this tv. I understand they are just trying to make it easier for the user but I prefer Youtube as it is on the computer. Also searching for things with the basic remote that comes with the Tv kinda sucks. I've been considering getting a tablet to interface with the Tv's Bluetooth it make searching easier. But again I have my computer hooked up with a wireless Keyboard and mouse. So it's almost pointless...

    The speakers on the Tv are not to bad. I prefer a richer fuller sound so I have hooked up my old 5.1 system to the Tv. I am considering getting a sound bar for it. As I am hearing some good things about them.

    All in all I am happy with my decision to purchase this Tv. I did a ton of research to make sure it was compatible with my gaming and Tv watching interests. I read a ton of reviews and no red flags poped up about this Tv. LG really needs to add the Amazon Instant video App as it's a huge issue for me.
  • Paula - A Must-Read Whether Single or AttachedI've read previous books on relationships but this one is just the best. Instead of focusing on just the negativity of dating, Get the Guy is positive and uplifting, focusing on not only getting the guy, but improving your overall life in the process, so you will be happy either way. It's also current, making it easy to relate to how dating is in today's day and age, which I find is getting harder and harder! Matt puts the girl back in control, when we are told time and time again that the guy will come to us. Not always so. Trust me, I was one of those "old-fashioned" girls who wanted the guy to do all the work. Now I see things differently. I loved Matt's genuine as well as straight-forward attitude and approach, and I'm currently re-reading parts of the book to refresh my memory! My bitter attitude towards dating as lightened up a bit, and now I'm starting to have more fun instead of taking dating too seriously. Thanks Matt!
  • claudia - The best shake i ever had!My co-worker introduced me to this product, from the beginning I noticed it had a great taste among other nutrition shakes. It is a tool that has helped me lose weight with a healthy diet and execise. When I ran out of it, I spent 3 weeks without drinking it and it made a HUGE difference, once again I felt tired and with no energy. So i decided to buy it online from Amazon and not only did i get a discount but i saved on free shipping as well. I have my whole family drinking it now, it provides alot of nutrients and over all benefit. I do not sell the product but highly recommend it.
  • thewanderingjew - The reader will not want this book to end!This is such a marvelous, easy to read story told through Marie's memories as she looks back over the years recalling the things that were meaningful in her life. It is told in an uncomplicated, simple, straight-forward way in which all life-cycle events, some major and some minor, play a role. As the pages turn, we witness births, deaths, tragedies, joys, marriages, illnesses, milestones and setbacks, dreams and nightmares. Family devotion and loyalty, sibling rivalry and sibling love, parental responsibility and parental abuse, success and failure, hopes and aspirations, anxiety and desperation, all appear on the pages as naturally as if they were happening to us, as well as the characters.
    The author has a way with words so that the story lifts off the page and the reader is transported to the time and place in Brooklyn, where Marie was raised in a tight knit Irish immigrant neighborhood. So accurately does she describe the life, in the home and on the street, in the workplace and in the church, in the medical facilities and in the school, that I was reminded of my own years growing up in Brooklyn, watching my brother study for a career while I was expected to be a secretary or a teacher, since not all avenues were open to women then, and I was filled with nostalgia for that simpler time when neighbors actually not only knew each other, but they cared about each other, even as they gossiped and created rumors. They talked to each other almost every day as they lived in communities where neighborliness was the norm.
    The warmth of the experience is so real and so accurate that the reader will feel as if they have been set down on Marie's street, possibly in front of her stoop, or perhaps joining the children as they play in the street, possibly offering sympathy at a wake, showing respect for the deceased, maybe visiting at the hospital, comforting a neighbor, sharing the trials they are experiencing right along with them, possibly witnessing the new bride as she exits her home and enters the waiting limousine, or maybe even throwing rice at the happy couple as they leave the church. The description of the mischievous children, complete with their often obvious cruelty as they learned to navigate the world, is so perfect that I could almost feel their taunts were directed at me. The day to day life with all of its tragedies and joys is described so matter-of-factly, so naturally, that the reader is not just watching, but is participating in all the events, the death of a child, the death of a parent, the mental illness that effects some families, the rumors and gossip that pervade the air when there are secrets.
    To be sure, the author is fair, she also describes the decay that crept into many of these neighborhoods, as years passed, the infestation of roaches, the urban blight that took over and destroyed these communities as upward mobility became de rigeur, and neighbors moved on to other boroughs, parts of the Bronx, Queens and Long Island, in search of a better life. There, they also encountered a more solitary, disconnected life, a life in which neighbors no longer fully interacted with each other and no one knocked on the door to visit because that became an intrusion rather than a friendly call.
    The Marie who is remembering is now a weaker version of herself, practically blind, elderly and frail, but in her youth, she was once a headstrong, sometimes recalcitrant child, determined to do as she wanted, defiant in her own way, sometimes out of fear, sometimes out of stubbornness, but always willful and always strong. Marie and her brother Gabe are opposites. He is obedient, on his way to the seminary to become a Priest and she is disobedient, defiant, often tells little lies simply because she can. The family is close. The neighborhood homes have the stoops of my childhood, the subways I took to work, the delis I frequented. It was a time when mothers were home cooking, teaching their children the things they needed to learn to face their futures. McDermott describes the neighborhood oddities, the retarded children that the fit and hearty would avoid looking at, the afflicted and the demented that inhabit all neighborhoods along with the healthy and rational. Nothing is left out and yet nothing is extraneous. The author's descriptions so clearly illustrate the lifestyle that I could readily picture it, remember it and return to the time in my own memory, reliving with nostalgia, my own childhood, waiting for my dad to come home, sitting down as a family to dinner, my mom washing out my mouth with soap for speaking out of turn, watching my brother study and my sister date, my neighbor's wedding day as she dressed as a bride, throwing rice, the terror of the ambulance as it appeared on the street for it could not bode well for anyone we knew, the group games organized casually in the street, just sitting on the stoop watching the occasional car appear, and watching the ordinary occurrences of everyday life that the author so easily illustrates on every page.
    The author has brought the struggles and triumphs of an immigrant family to life, brilliantly, and while it could have been depressing, it was told in such a way as to be uplifting, leaving the reader with an inspiring view about the effect of honest effort and hard work because it led to the fulfillment of dreams. Their dreams were realistic; they took baby steps, not giant steps, to achieve their goals, and they appreciated what life provided. Each generation surpassed the one before it.
    As the book opens with a focus on an untimely death, it closes with the impending death of the elderly narrator, which is in the natural order of things, but most important, the book is the story of a life well lived.