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  • Carl Collins - Assessment of RadicalThis book by David Platt is an excellent read for those that have been and is now walking in the light of the spirit of God. David approaches Christianity in way we should be practicing our faith. Thus the title, Radical. His writing and explanation of re-thinking the way Christians should live their lives. He deals with the traditions that we as man have added to God's word and guides us to look at that tradition in another way. Even to the point of doing away with that tradition. What is Christ really saying to us and how we are to walk in our faith. He talks and describes what real sacrifice is in what it means to live the life that Christ did. The way we spend our time, our money. He encourages the reader to pray for the entire world. God is not just working in the US, but the entire world. He shares in ways we sacrifice our money for specific purposes, commiting yourself to helping your community and how to impact your neighborhood and neighbors. For those of us that have been Christians all of our lives; David gives us a different view of what our walk should really look like. It has changed mine.
  • bluespike9651 - Wow!The tablet is worth the price; that's for sure! I can say that the shipping was superb in timing and also handling of the product. I depend on the Transformer Prime!
  • Christine Perkins - Great for GED!I bought this book about a year ago.. and it is ALLL marked up!! It teaches you ALOT bout the GED and how to pass it. It tells you nearly everything you need to know about the test, and gives you good in site.

    I would recommend to anyone!!

    It's like your own personal teacher. It tells you how to do the problem first, then gives you a similar problem, then tells you the answer!
    There are also little tips on the side of most each page.

    It has: Math, Writing, Reading, Science, & History
  • drdolittle - Miracle BookLyn Genet has changed my life. Have struggled with being 10-15 pounds overweight my whole life. Have tried endless diets but weight always seemed resistant... Now finally I've broken free and a, losing weight in a practical way!

    Initially did take me a lot of time to plan and cook and prepare meals as initial menu is a bit extensive. But one you get the hang of the kinds of foods you can eat it becomes a breeze!
  • Arturo - Excellent choice for those of us migrating from MS MoneyBeing an MS Money user for more than 10 years I wasn't able to find a good replacement until I found Quicken Premier.

    I tried several free or less expensive alternatives and none of them gave the versatilty that I used to have with Ms Money. Even the process to convert my MS Money file to each application was a pain. With Quicken, the process was very smooth and all my banking and investmente accounts were converted.

    One of the things I like most is the new iPhone app. I can add transactions and payees without any effort and then download those transactions to the desktop version.

    The only thing that I think Intuit should work on is that the mobile app ahould be able to manage accounts in foreign currency (today they only work with US dollars).

    Overall, Quicken for me is the best MS Money substitute I can afford, with a lot more functionalities, like the mobile app.