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  • Joan M. Jones - Fantastic panFirst of all, I did not season the pan. I do use coconut oil when I cook. I have used it for 6 months and am highly satisfied. I love hash browns and have never been able to make them without them sticking ( I don't use silverstone). With Orgreenic they crisp nicely and slide out of the pan. I bought mine at Nebraska Furniture Mart and figured I could take it back if unsatisfied. If I had to buy a new one every 6 months just to make fried potatoes, I would. Just be careful and don't use metal spatulas.
  • Amy Elizabeth Landers - A must for everyone in health careA must for any internal medicine provider, ambulatory care and certainly infectious diseases - pharmacists, physicians, nurses and all students.
  • Barb Ferguson - GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICEBefore purchasing this product I had many questions about it so I decided to go directly to the source. I emailed Dynamic Nutrition and was pleasantly surprised when they responded within 30 minutes of receiving my initial email. After learning of my concerns the company informed me that if I was in any way dissatisfied with the product after I started taking it that they would gladly refund my money. Once they assured me of this I figured that I had nothing to lose. So far I am 2 weeks in and thoroughly impressed with the product as well as Dynamic Nutrition
  • B. Taylor "Bryan" - Better Than The First Edition!There is just so much new information in this second edition of "How to Avoid Huge Ships." it is uncanny the innovative knowledge Trimmer provides in this second edition of "How to Avoid Huge Ships." Word on the water is, Trimmer is preparing a third edition for "How to Avoid Huge Ships" which is positioned to change the ship avoidance world forever. This will be a course changing experience.
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