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  • margosia - 20 stars!!!try i.d.bareMinerals and you'll wonder how you ever lived without.

    this is the best stuff for beautiful skin, melts in, stays on and you can't tell you're wearing make up.

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  • niazelie - it really worked after 3 monthsering from acne since I was 17, and cystic acne since 23. I am 31 years old and ive tried pretty much everything. The only thing that was working was accutane but couldnt continue because I couldnt afford it anymore. Went online and decided to buy the regimen, because I was just desperate and I had tried everything else. The first two month my face was very dry and almost quit. But then read some reviews and some people noticed changes after 3 months. Im so glad I did. My face is not perfect but its the best ive had ut in years. Its clearing up and all the dark spots are dissappear ing, im so happy. Stick to it, give it time and use it under make up as well, best of luck to you all
  • Sarah Rudy - It Is TrueMy sister had been trying to get me to use BareMinerals foundation for years before I actually tried it. I am so glad that she did because I absolutely LOVE this product. It is so light.

    HINT: If you have a few areas of redness on your face, lightly use a concealer stick first, then apply BareMinerals on top of that.

    HINT: Don't apply too too much because then you will get the cakey look that the other people are talking about. It doesn't take much, LESS IS MORE : )
  • Nicholas - Incredible shirt!Often times, during the week surrounding my college exams, I experience stress which makes me feel unease in my social environment. After compiling an extraordinary 3:24 minute video documentary as well as a 53 page portfolio, I had checked off half the work load which my four class' demanded for their end-of-the-semester assignments. I was so burnt out I could not bear to face anymore school related material. I had entered a state of indoctrinate malevolence toward the world of academia.

    A few days of unfathomable loathing for the attendance of the meaningless end of the year courses dragged by, finally presenting the weekend. After hours upon hours of painstaking work followed by hours upon hours of intent-less idling, all I wanted to do was have a blast. Thus, I anticipated the night ahead so much I began to overly-cognate the impending situation. After engaging myself in productive activity to keep my mind on track, the night had begun. At 10:00pm I head out for a good friend's house. After downing a few before we head out, I exited the apartment complex and began my journey down King's street. Upon, I ran into quite a few people as this has been one of the better nights of the year. When we arrived at the party, it had already been poppin. Going straight for the action, I stepped down the tarped staircase, entering the mass of hysteria which lay before me. The night brought on hours of insanity, where I had transitioned to an extremely elevated state. The night was a warm one, where when you walked outside it was as if you had just entered a luxury sauna. The sheer energy of the calories being burned every second had not diminished the moist warmth this warm spring night had delivered. I cannot remember too much about the night, besides the fact it was one of the most liberating, experiential, developmentally exciting night of my life.

    Something I definitely remember however is where and what I woke up with the preceding morning. Gently awoken by the gradually expanding glares of light the sun produced through the window next to the extravagantly decadent oak dresser, of which, I have never had any recollection of in my life. Aroused, I found myself in a bewildered state for several moments. Anxious curiosity caused me to immediately roll over. My mind and heart jumped and began to race.

    What had happened the night before? Before me lay 7 or 8 sleeping women, both clothed (lingerie) and unclothed, of whom consisted of various attractiveness levels and ethnicity. Quietly, in order not to startle these unknown women, I began to try to find clues as to where I was. I glanced around right and left, but all that was in front of me was unknown feminine decor. Suddenly, I came into view of a ravishing tee shirt draped over one of the girls mirrors. I inched out of bed and approached the t-shirt, quickly putting it on so I could vacate this environment without social angst. I set off on a few mile journey back to my apartment so I could begin to discover what happened and where I was. A long the way, there were an usual amount of people out walking the town. I had been approached by about 3 or 4 beautiful women by the time waves of memory began to flow back to my conscious. I am not going to reveal what happened that night, as I truly still do not believe it. After deeply introspecting within myself to recall the extravagant memories which formed my majestic night, I am not sure if the additional details would pose any legal obligation or financial liability to the producer of this shirt or myself.

    With that said, my night wearing this shirt has been another "phenomenon", on all accounts, of which this shirt has been directly responsible for. The burden ownership of this shirt presents was far too great for myself to carry. I have not worn the shirt since, nor am I anticipating wearing it again in the future. If you do choose to abuse your Three Wolf Moon shirt, please keep in mind the dire future implications your actions may present in your life.
  • Kedor "CK" - A timeless classic"Meek and obedient you follow the leader down well trodden corridors into the valley of steel." and "Wave upon wave of dimented avenger march cheerfully onto obscurity into the dream". Two of the greatest lyrical lines of all time. Post Waters Floyd sucks, as does Post Floyd Waters, but when they were together, they ROCKED!