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  • Sharon Beverly - 'Scentual', 'Scentsitive', 'Scentsational'Oh, what a paradox; to refuse to stop reading a beautifully told story because it's so captivating and yet, not wanting to reach the ending! Much like a lingering scent, this novel of historical fiction lolls in my mind. Author Kathleen Tessaro is as skilled at her craft as the master perfumers of whom she wrote. Her characters, settings, and time frames shift back and forth and each time they do, new, intricate layers emerge. She builds her story as exquisitely as a perfumer. Some facts are immediately apparent, similar to fragrances. Some, however, emerge slowly, deftly changing the story like the blending of scents, into more complex notes. Such an achievement demands singular recognition; Brava, Madame Tessaro!

    The only negative I can write about is the book's beginning. At first, you may think you know what the story is all about, but you would be completely wrong. Or, maybe this is a positive. Tessaro has given us a story more like a scent that evolves over time--and not that first whiff that wafts to our senses.

    WARNING: If you don't have the time to read THE PERFUME COLLECTOR, you'll be sorry you began reading this book. Yes, it is that engaging.