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  • Jim O. - Quickly Get Your QuickenI simply cannot imagine managing my finances without Quicken. I've used the program since it was DOS only, strayed once about 10 years ago, and quickly came running back. The program keeps getting better with nearly every version, and the 2011 product has some nice improvements. What I like best about Quicken is the ability to choose features to use as you desire, and go back and forth with it. I have some bank accounts that I let automatically download - others, I prefer to enter the checks and deposits by hand. This product has been around a long, long, time and they have done an excellent job or listening to Beta testers. It just seems that every time I find myself wishing Quicken would do something else - the feature ends up in the newer versions. You will not go wrong with this product.
  • GinaStone - Garcinia Cambogia is great!After seeing this supplement mentioned on the Dr. Oz show, I thought I'd give it a try. Following instructions 3 pills 3 times daily, I started seeing results in a matter of weeks! Very happy with the purchase and Nutrigold is definitely a brand I'd buy again!
  • Joel Tilson - Great Product for Kids! Be Careful!Leapfrog Leappad II is like an ipad but not as durable the screen is fragile it will crack if you drop it. Its very kid friendly and very educational with many games that teach math, and many other subjects. We are trying to get our granddaughter's Leappad replaced and LeapFrog has agreed to replace it with a new one! Please keep your receipt if it happens to you. Leapfrog has a one time replacement policy if the screen cracks. Our Granddaughter loves her Leappad and we hope that she will enjoy it for years to come. Please buy a screen protector to prevent the screen from cracking.
  • The Goat - Sounds great and is solidly built.I have been searching for quite some time to replace an aging JVC boombox that although it still works quite well, is simply stuck in the 80's/90's for connectivity.... and that means radio, cassette decks (yes two of them!), and a CD player. It is primarily used for when I do yard work as I simply do not want to wear earphones all the time. So the last time I used it, the antenna broke off inside... damn... now I have to find something new.

    I have auditioned the following and here is what I thought:
    --G-Project G-Boom--- works good, sounds good, but now that the A33 is only $20-30 more it is more compact and sounds better.
    --Logitech UE Boombox--- bass heavy. If you have an equalizer, you can make it better, but shouldn't. Plus it is in the $250 range.
    --Beats boombox--- sounds nice. Battery is extra even with the $400 pricetag. Not nearly as portable, but has more dynamic range. I actually like this one more, but not for the price.
    --UE Boom--- I want to like it, but simply it does not sound as good as the A33 and is ~$200.
    --JBL Flip--- not for me. Sounds as flat as 99% of the small speakers out there.
    --Beats pill--- again not for me. Looks neat, but for me that is about it.
    --Bose soundlink mini--- sound is good, price is not. The A33 sounds better and is not even 1/2 the price.
    --Klipsch KMC-3--- again expensive and the Beats boombox sounds better for the same price. Sad to say the A33 for being that much smaller even sounds better.
    --SoundFreaq SFQ-06--- bulky and disappointing for the reviews it received. For me the A33 is leagues ahead of it.
    --iHome iBT4--- not bad at all sound wise, but not stereo. I just can't seem to get over the funky styling, but overall it was OK.
    -- Big Jambox--- I like it. Sounds good, but is on par with the A33 and again, is now almost 1/3 the price.

    So as to how the A33 sounds and otherwise works. Bluetooth pairing was simple as it gets and took less than 30-seconds from start to finish and I never even glanced at the instructions. So far Bluetooth has been strong and no interference from external devices, something the G-Boom had problems with. Accuracy is what I am after and for this pint sized speaker, it rocks out. It is not too bright and has pleasant mid bass and decent evidence of bass frequencies--- which is a feat considering its overall diminutive dimensions.

    For music I listen to what strikes my mood. I just went from some Brittney Spears to Mozart and looped back to The Band Perry--- strange, but it keeps things interesting. This speaker can do it all and does it with authority. Low volume is clear and as you turn it up, it remains clear. Simply put it is well balanced and puts 99% of the units out there to shame.

    I was initially looking for one with an FM tuner, but that went on the wayside early on as most simply do not have it. I was going to get the A73, but after hearing the A33--- it made me think twice for the size difference. So for that side I already have an iPod and it has a tuner, so problem solved. If I do want to stream iHeartRadio or Pandora, I can easily do that too from my phone.

    So if you're looking for a really solid small speaker that is probably the most acoustically accurate... go for it. I have been testing it in a 12x12 room and it is more than enough. I then moved to a room that is 12x35 and let it play out in the 35' direction--- it feels like you have two distinct and much larger speakers which flat out is impressive. Even more so is it is smooth and has bass response.

    This is my keeper. Want it outside-- done. Upstairs in the bedroom, still no problem. In the kitchen out of the way--- absolutely.

    So I got to use it in the garage while I was doing some work and got to test out two of its features. First is it still amazes me how it sounds for how compact it really is. Plenty of great sound to fill a 2-car garage with ease. I kept looking at it and saying to myself that I can't believe that all of that sound is from "that". In all actuality I never went past 1/2 volume. I was connected via Bluetooth and it sounded fine for what I want, but then came the surprise--- I got to use it as a speakerphone as I got a phone call. Sound quality was good for both ends and it is a nice touch as it pauses the music and restarts it as usual and no drama. So to say I am happy with it is an understatement as it easily can keep up with my shelf system without having to take up the whole shelf... anyone want to buy a nice used shelf system??? Again, the only missing link is an FM tuner, but I am also in the market for a new iPod Nano and that will easily take care of that, plus they now have Bluetooth so it makes it even easier all around.