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  • Riyad Kalla - Must-have lens if you have ever been frustrated by cropped scenesA few years ago we went to Ireland (shooting with a Canon G9) and I was constantly frustrated by my inability to capture the *hugeness* of many indoor churches or outdoor castles to convey how immense a lot of what we were seeing was.

    Time and time again, at 24mm, it just wasn't wide enough for me to back into the corner of a building and capture the full scope of what we were seeing. I decided then and there that when I got a DSLR I was going to fix that issue.

    Fast forward a few years and I got a Canon 60D for Christmas. In preparation for a trip to Greece (picture added to sample images) I hummed and hawed about getting the 10-22 because I was worried, even on a crop-sensor, that it would be TOO wide.

    I was debating spending the $700 on this 10-22 lens or spending $1500 on the Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM Ultra Wide Angle Zoom Lens lens. A friend had picked up the 16-35 and said it was excellent; a perfect walk-around lens and that he never had an issue with it "not being wide enough".

    Anyway, due to cost I decided to get the 10-22 and have to say that was the BEST decision I made for the Greece trip. There are an innumerable number of shots (1300 in total) that I took on that trip, capturing hillside towns, the Parthenon or ancient ruins that would have been impossible with anything narrower.

    At 10mm on a crop-sensor like the 60D, that gives me an effective 16mm focal point and time and time again I was *so happy* the lens would go that wide when shooting inside a church or ruined building.

    The slight bending of perspective at really wide angles was a *good* thing I though; I don't mind it, I think it's artistic and helps give a "woooAAAA that is big" impression to friends and family viewing our pictures and trying to understand just how huge these ruins were.

    Since getting back I actually ended up buying the Canon 16-35 f/2.8L II USM after all and have to say that it is "wide enough" for most every day use, but for Greece, I would take the 10-22 again over the 16-35 any day because those extra 6mm make a big difference.

    If you are like me and trying to shoot huge things and capture them all in-frame, get the 10-22 and know you have an awesome lens. If you are looking for the perfect walk-around lens, grab the 16-35 or just use the kit 18-135... that is actually a fantastic walk-around lens and won't send you to the poor house.

    Hope the comparison of the two most popular lenses helped, because I was humming and hawing so long about that choice that I was happy when I finally made it!
  • Anohka - very happyi really enjoy this tablet. I had messed my brothers ipad before buying this and i have to say i am glad i went with this.
    things i liked
    *it has expandable memory via micro SD slot and a micro USB (ipads do not)
    *a micro HDMI so i can hook it up to my TV to read tiny things or just mess around
    *the camera on it is fantastic
    * It's processor allows it to take full advantage of my high speed internet.
    *The actual device is very easy to navigate (buttons)
    *Even though it only has a mono speaker, the sound is quite good
    *the touch screen does not feel like your pressing a bubble. It is smooth and responsive.

    things that aren't awful, but not awesome
    *It is basically a computer, and all computer do what they want instead of what you tell them to sometimes.
    *the metal on the back is VERY easily scratched.
    *the micro SD slot i don't think is the best design. I've had it fall out if i accidentally bump it. Granted this only happened once.

    I really haven't found anything i DON"T like about this. I am also not picky and i am patient so not a lot bothers me. I hope this review was helpful. I looked at A LOT of tablets before i came to rest at this one. I would recommend this tablet :)
  • jleighbee - So many uses!Wow, I just love these binders. Like Governor Romney I have many women to organize. See my job is to organize and file all of the women who might become a future wife to some lucky young (or old!) Man!
    These lucky ladies are filed away, till a prospective husband picks her to be his wife (or his 2nd, 3rd, 4th). These binders of JOY are so important, especially here On the compound in Mexico. Mr.Romney's family has been using them here for years. For anyone who needs to organize their lady folks, then gosh these are for you!!
  • M. Dodson - Does exactly what it says it will do!!!This is a wonderful product! I was hesitant to try anything from the Miss Jessie's line because of the use of mineral oil (it is the second ingredient). However, after watching a video of a woman with hair similar to mine on youtube I decided to give it a try and I am so glad I did. I have 3b/c curls and have been looking for a styling product that would control frizz, and provide hold without stiffness or crunch. This product does exactly that! It leaves me with shiny, bouncy, incredibly soft and moisturized curls and it has surprisingly great hold (I can get second and even third day curls with this stuff). The smell of this was a bit too sweet to me when I first tried it but now I absolutely love it and it smells better in the hair than it does in the jar. I was so impressed with the curly meringue that I decided to try other products in the line (specifically the curly butter cream and the super sweetback treatment). Though I am not thrilled about the smell of either of those products I have been really pleased with the results. Like the curly meringue, both do what they claim to do (how often can you say that about a hair product).
  • Tineke Glynne Hegeman - Clean it every few months, to give it a chance at lasting performanceLike many people, I tried to really research my vacuum purchase, trying to find the most reliable option for under $200. 8 or so months in, I am still as happy with this as I was when I got it, but I will say that that is because I cleaned it thoroughly after 3 or 4 months of use. At about 4 months it stops picking up as well and the suction weakens, but that's only because the filters need a wash, etc. So don't expect it to perform perfectly if you have no intention of doing anything but dumping out the canister—which you should do after each significant use as well.