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Country: Oceania, AU, Australia

City: Melbourne, Victoria

  • Xenosaiyan - The best OS for multicore devicesThis version of Windows 8 came with both the 32bit and 64bit of Windows so you can install it on either machine. It's a bummer having to trace around which operating system is best for your PC and if you have an old old PC the 32bit version is perfect and newer are 64bit.

    So that being said, the operating system is FAST extremely FAST!!!!

    Not a resource HOG like Windows Vista, Windows Vista had too many bugs and the AERO caused systems to crash and what not. Also, Windows Vista wasn't compatible with almost every Windows XP program. Windows 8 is different, it's better than Vista and may have a few draw backs. Windows 8 uses slightly more resources than Windows 7 which might not be a problem if you have a quick dual-core machine with a few gigs of RAM. And gaming is also an issue with Windows 8. No particular slowdowns, but the benchmarks are quicker for Windows 7. And of course, these are slight differences, in the long run Windows 8 will be running much quicker than Windows 8. The OS will be optimized BETTER than 7.

    The drawbacks are yes, no start menu, but with a few learning curves you can get anything you need:

    - Programs: windows key + q
    - General features: windows key + x
    - To lock is: windows key + l
    - Windows files: windows key + f

    And so on.

    There are more draw backs like the fact that everything is hidden and in reality should be in plain sight. It's an OS designed for multicore CPUs and also for mobile operating systems. It's pretty similar to Windows 7, but doesn't support all of Windows 7's programs. There were a few that I had to uninstall because they weren't supported by Windows 8. And of course, Windows 7 had the virtual Windows XP which is something that I haven't seen in Windows 8. And also, Windows 8 doesn't play DVDs and Windows Media Center costs money and of course, other features costs money as well.

    All in ALL the OS works, aren't many bugs, it's FAST, and will give it at 4.5 out of 5.
  • Darryn - Super CleanseThis does exactly what it says it does, as long as you take the daily recommended amount. It completely cleaned me out and even when I stopped exercising for two weeks, this kept me in fit; it really flattened my belly alot and kept it that way. I highly recommend this to be healthy or to get extra pounds off. However, this is NOT a fat burning pill (honestly there is no such thing), but this is basiclly the same thing, it clears you out and keeps your digestive system in check and that actually helps you lose weight and yes burn fat faster and more effectivlly.
  • Henry Z "Fictionaholic" - Best fiction I have read in 2 yearsI have read all of Jess Walters' previous books, probably enjoying Citizen Vince the most, but Beautiful Ruins is a complete departure from his previous works. The imagination he shows in creating these characters and their intertwining of pivot points in their lives is truly remarkable. The ending was on par with the heart-wrenching revealing scenes of Atonement, or the end of The Corrections and did not feel "too-tidy" or forced together. I think I read that the movie rights were picked up for this, and if done correctly, I think could be quite good. For some reason I kept picturing Sasha Baron Cohen as Pasquale. Gretchen Mol as Dee/Debra would be divine.
  • Cathy65 - Anne gets her just dessertI had to get this book as soon as I'd finished Wolf Hall, because I had to know how the story continued. This was a very quick read, only 300 pages, and really got more into the mechanics of how people in power fall. I find this whole topic extremely interesting and wonder if it'll be made into a movie.

    I was hoping to see more of a development of Thomas Crowmwell's character on the personal side, since so much time has been devoted to his professional acumen and social skill. Maybe in the third installment.

    Every bit as compelling as the first, and I'm so glad I wasn't born in the 1500's!
  • C. Brown "Lovely Ms. Brown" - OMG made me feel so much betterI've been having BV constantly, idk why....I am tired of having to go to the doctor all the time so I searched for something that would get rid of the fishy odor and this worked so well. I dont smell anything at all anymore and I am able to walk past someone or sit next to someone without thinking they can smell it. I pride myself on personal hygiene and with BV no matter how much you wash you cant get rid of the smell, but with this product NO SMELL:)