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  • mar77 - Get an older version.The last version I purchased was 2004 and never upgraded. I had two other previous versions since 1995. From reading the reviews I am so glad I never upgraded. Since 2004 I did not pay quickbooks one extra dime. Here are some quicktips to save yourself some money. First of all, you can get free PDF printers like Bullzip to print your receipts, etc for email. PDF-X-change also works great.... you can automate a lot of stuff. My office is almost paperless. Put your clients email addy's in one place like an Open Office Spreadsheet (Calc - like Excel but free). I set it up so that first column is last name, second column is first name, third column is email addy, fourth column is "mailto" function that fills in automatically and fifth column is "last name, first name" that also fills in automatically once the first three columns are entered. That way you have all emails in one place and they will be able to be imported into ANY other program. Once in the Calc program you can manipulate the data any way you want which is very useful. When you click on the mailto function column the email address is automatically stored in whatever default email program you are using automatically. The fifth column functions as my "display" column for import purposes... very easy to import and export and never have to worry if you change programs. You can put your client_list.ods in a shared folder and everyone on your network instantly has access to all the clients email addy's without relying on any other program, etc. But the main point of doing this is when you print your documents to your free PDF printer in quickbooks you just right click on the file name and send to email your email program automatically pops up and attaches the file and you just enter the clients name and the name is already in your email addy book. It takes less than 5 seconds to do this and there are NO EXTRA FEES. Once this is setup is works like a charm and I taught someone who did not even know how to use a computer to use this and it was very easy for her.

    If you are small business and have just a few employees you can enter your payroll deductions manually.... at least with the 2004 version you can..... I don't know about the newer versions. There are free payroll calculating websites. What I did is make an Excel (Calc) spreedsheet that does it for me automatically... all I have to do is enter the hours and the Federal and State Withholding. And I just use charts to find the Federal and State withholding amount or use the free websites. Very easy and NO EXTRA FEES.

    So if you get an older version of quickbooks you are better off.
  • Barbara A. North - Colon healthI am on a number of medications for various health issues.
    Phillips colon health is incredible for constipation resulting for the meds.