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  • David Rodriguez - Fantasic STorage option!I have had this drive in 24hr operation for over a month now. No problems with heat, No noise problems, No bad sectors, no problems whatsoever. I have the 3Tb model and i get peak writes of 300Mb/sec+, 150MB/sec sustained write, 400Mb/sec+ peak, 200Mb/sec sustained read from a PC with a Samsung SSD as the primary disk. You are not going to get this amount of space at this speed for any cheaper anywhere. The best storage value, period.
  • R. Ketterl - Got it in the mail today! AmazingReceived my Transformer Prime (Gray, 32GB) in the mail today from Best Buy. I must say, this think is unbelievably good. Definitely the best android tablet available. I won't do a thorough reviews, since there are dozens of those (just google it). But I will say that I am very happy with this purchase, and pleased that Asus got them out before Christmas.

    Seven months later

    This tablet has been so great. Since the original review, I have bought the keyboard dock and the rooCASE Executive Portfolio (Black) Leather Case Cover with Landscape / Portrait View for Asus Eee Pad Transformer PRIME 10.1-Inch TF201 Tablet. It does have a random reboot about once every three weeks, but it really doesn't bother me. I'm a pretty heavy techie, and using custom ROMs and overclocking this guy has been great. I recently brought it with me to a coding competition and impressed all the other nerds by playing Ocarina of Time at 60fps. Yeah, its pretty legit.

    Plus, with the free GPS dongle Asus sent out, I can instantly lock on 14 satellites and tether my Galaxy Nexus to for data... giving me one beautiful navigation system for the car.
  • Reviewer - Book is fantastic, but take the course as wellI stumbled upon a video of Esther Gokhale on YouTube; it was of her giving a presentation at Google. Based on that video, I bought the book and read it in its entirety.

    I then took the free one-hour course at Esther's wellness center in Palo Alto. It was taught by her daughter, Maya (who is going to medical school this year and is amazingly smart).

    Based on *that*, I then took the full fundamentals course and loved it. You have to take the course if you can. Anyone who is thinking of having surgery should read this book and take the course first. In fact, this course should be required in medical school!

    My posture has been bad my whole life (rounded shoulders) and although I'm not in pain, I wanted to correct it. This course gave me the tools to do that. It's a *process*--so it's something that you always have to be mindful of and practice. You can't have the "surgery" mentality (i.e., I'll do this one thing and that will fix the problem). You need to correct the underlying faulty body mechanics.

    Anyway, this is a review about the book. So, buy the book. It contains more information than what is even in the course, but the course helps you put it into practice. The book also has plenty of pictures to show you how to sit, stand, walk, etc. correctly.

    Buy it! Study every chapter and then decide for yourself. You'll be amazed.
  • kimmibiz - Been using it for YEARSFirst of all, I HIGHLY recommend having someone in the store apply this makeup the first time so they get the color right. I was in line to buy this for the first time and a sales rep offered to apply it before I bought it. I hate being nagged by sales people but i let her do it and good thing I did. The two colors I was about to buy were WAY off. I have always tanned easily and I never think my skin is pale, even in the winter. However, she found that LIGHT and FAIRLY light worked best for me. I was about to buy MEDIUM so thank goodness I didn't. I've had problems with acne my whole life but it has gotten much better from my teen years but I still have occasional issues. I feel like this makeup has helped my skin a lot. There is NO WAY I can go makeup free, even when I have clear skin. I have dark circles under my eyes and not an even skin tone. I think this stuff covers just as well as liquid foundation but without feeling like you have a pound of grease on your face. I use the fairly light with a small brush for my concealer and the LIGHT for an overall foundation. Makes my skin look better than ANY liquid foundation I have tried. It's gross to think I used to put that crap on my face. I barley break out now and if I accidently forget to wash my face before I fall asleep I don't feel disgusting when I wake up. Just love it. Will never go back. I think getting to color right is by far the most important so let someone do it for you!
  • seria - Helpful, studies-based approach to debunking pregnancy mythsThis is a really helpful, studies-based assessment of a number of assumed truths about pregnancy. Quick and interesting read. The author's working assumption is that women deserve good information regarding their pregnancies and have the intelligence and agency to make choices for themselves when given adequate information.