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  • Zachary Cardoza - Good resourceThe book doesn't get too heavy with implementation, but is really just some high level concepts on how to perform SEO for the current batch of search engines.

    This book can be used by anyone, from a high level exec wanting to know how the prioritize SEO efforts, to a marketer or designer, to an actual web developer.

    Any time I work with someone who doesn't know modern SEO, I make them read this so that we are on the same page.
  • Mang Wong - Good review sourceI am on my 2nd year of medical school and I don't recommend anyone reading this book until 1-2 months before you take the step. This should not be treated as a text book but as a review book. You should learn everything before reading this. Also another tip is, you should have already or are close to doing at least 6000 questions before going over your review materials. Good luck.
  • The Least of These "Repent and Believe!" - Do Yourself a Favor!Buy this phone! I am an iPhone convert. I have Windows 8 on my home computer and the Phone App in it works great! I synched all my iTunes music almost 2,000 songs without any problem. The Nokia has great speakers, great look/feel, and I "mastered" it in just one night of playing around. The HELPS/TIPS app already loaded is extremely user-friendly and they seemed to anticipate every question I came up with. Really a nice phone and I love, love, love the larger screen.
  • Dwayne Lynch "DWINC" - This is by FAR Sony's Best Console to dateThe PS4 is a great console and in my opinion is the console to lead us into the next generation.
    The new UI is intuitive and fast, and the social aspects of the console are brilliant. The ability to share and live stream your games or awesome game play moments via Twitch, Facebook and other social sites is a great step in the right direction.
    I was also impressed with the console's ability to resume games right where you left off.
    So far the games are good, great in the graphics department. I am really excited to see what the future would bring (new Uncharted).
    Another great aspect of the PS4 is the new Dualshock 4. This could be the best controller ever- it fits in your hand like no other controller before it (you are going to just have to use one and you would understand).
    Overall I was really blown away by this device and I am really glad this was my console choice going forward in this New Generation of Gaming.
  • Robert McCormick "Superluminal" - Excellent 16-35mm (equiv.) for APS-CMany great things have already been said about this lens, and I will support them!

    My copy delivers outstanding sharpness (nearly on par with my 24-70L) even *wide open* (rare for a wide angle of all but the finest German manufacturers), great color, very little distortion (many objective tests have revealed that it's probably the "best of breed" ultra wide angle), and impressive contrast. Surprisingly, the build quality is not bad: tight fitting mount, damped rings, and no jiggles or rattles.

    If I were forced to offer a (slight) negative, it would be the bokeh of the lens is somewhat "marbly"...However, when shooting a subject with an OOF area differential high enough to make bokeh a component of the frame, then the subject is likely going to demand far more attention than the bokeh! ;)

    A fine lens, Canon: definitely worth the premium over the Sigma and Tokina rivals (both of which I sampled before purchasing this optic).