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  • Fabian M Barrera - Best calendar for busy peopleWhen I first came across this calendar several years ago, I loved it because of the oversized boxes of each calendar day. My family is very busy with sports, meetings, swim lessons, music lessons, and family birthdays. This is an excellent calendar to write in all your activities for the month. I get an Ansel Adams every year. Thanks Ansel !
  • E. Mortensen "book addict" - Chronic cold sore suffererAs such, I've had to deal with the pain and embarrassment of cold sores. When I was younger, there was nothing that could be done for a cold sore. You just hoped it went away quickly. The minute this stuff hit the market, I tried it. I am a true believer!! If you happen to catch the first signs of a cold sore, Abreva can prevent it from ever erupting!! It's amazing. We are not always that luck though and I have sometimes awaken in the morning to find a cold sore on my lip. This stuff helps the cold sore go away MUCH quicker and the sore never gets as bad as it could. Yes, it is a lot to pay for a small tube, but a little goes a long way.

    I would not recommend buying the pump version though. I bought it once. The problem is that with the pump, you can not control the amount of medicine that is dispensed, and I find the amount that it does dispense is actually too much. This leads to you wasting half of the medicine, and at the price of this medicine, that's not acceptable. The tube is much easier to control. My biggest problem is that I keep losing them because they are so small!!!
  • Melanie Schmidt - Best running shoes in yearsI've been wearing Mizunos for 10 years and usually run 50-60 miles a week. I wasn't particularly fond of the Wave Runner 14, so I switched to the Wave Precision 11. My last pair of Wave Precision 13's weren't providing enough cushioning for my liking, so I decided to switch back to the Wave Rider 16. I love these shoes! The cushioning is fantastic and the fit is great! ( like most running shoes, you need to go up half a size to allow enough room in the toe box to avoid black toe nails). I need to purchase another pair of these before Mizuno changes their design again. I haven't been this pleased with a pair of running shoes in a long time.
  • John A. Morrow - Hall Mark Card making software from AmazonThis software is an intuitive and easy to use program. My Christmas cards were easy to design and print. The address file is excellent and entries are easy to accomplish. The only problem I had was an inability to print multiple address labels. I had no problem printing envelopes and no problem printing a page of single address labels. My only real complaint is the HalllMark Logo on the last page of the card that cannot be removed.
  • Tracie - My 3yo takes it everywhereMy son got his first one for his 3rd birthday. It lasted about 2mos before he dropped it and the sound went away. I bought him a pair of headphones for it and he could hear it. So he got another to use--so now one for home and one for travel. It keeps him seated at church. I am thrilled with the learning tools on this device which has increased his comprehension and writing skills greatly. He has completed games on it, which happily surprised me. I highly recommend it, but also get a case for it to protect it. And I have 2 sets of rechargeable batteries to switch them out.