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  • L. Lerch - Absolutely love it.I had the Keurig K-Cup machine and liked it. My husband bought me the Vue model for Christmas and I love it. More selections on cup size and has a "strong" brew option. I tried Keurigs cafe froth coffees, so far I don't care for the flavor. But the feature works just fine. Would highly recommend this coffee maker.
  • Ariani - great tablet more than i expectedIt does everything I need ; entertainment, reader, notes, and great audio the nearEst audio from all devices....and you should definitely join the amazon's amazing click any book you want (almost all sin has fee) and read for free the same for movies tv shows. And you will appreciate the wide bezel. You can hold the tablet with on hand without touching the screen (iPad mini and google nexus have to narrow of bezel ) plus you can upload data straight to device via the usb cable
  • Zilforlife - recommend! great read!Always enjoy reading Terry Mcmillan's books. I was not disappointed- you could tell she did her home work regarding grandparents raising grandchildren. And relationships between the sisters - I could relate. The children of the sisters and the dynamic between them. Gave me food for thought!!
  • Yvette "Reader, knitter, sleeper" - Comfortable ride for little people, sleek style for parentsFirst off, the stats: our son is 17 months, about 22 lbs, and we've just upgraded to this stroller after seeing how much our friends loved theirs. Note: we did not buy it on Amazon but at a local baby shop here in Minneapolis.

    We were given a BabyJogger Summit XC (jogging type stroller) at our baby shower in 2011, so we'd always just used that to get around. While the BabyJogger is excellent for rough trails and the snowy streets of Minneapolis with its large air tires, it gets boiling hot in summer because it has very poor ventilation, and is black. It's also a heavy beast and quite large, meaning I wouldn't take it to the mall etc and I'd never consider air travel with it. Furthermore, the most upright position is not all that upright and our son just doesn't have a great view of his surroundings as we walk, so he's not always super happy to be in there (and seems to be kind of slouching and uncomfortable).

    Enter the UppaBaby Vista. I LOVE THIS THING. The three primary reasons I chose this one above the others were: a) the excellent seating position options, meaning our son sits high up, has a great view of everything around him, and therefore is happy and content in the stroller. Nobody wants to wrangle a toddler into a stroller he doesn't want to be in. b) it is going to be waaaay cooler in the stinking hot MN summer, because it has far more ventilation, sun-repelling fabric, and a giant, extendable, UV-proof sunshade. c) we do plan on having another baby, and so we also purchased the rumble seat so that we can have our son and the new baby in the stroller at once. Of all the duo strollers I looked at, I liked this one the best.

    We bought it home yesterday and my son has actually been asking to sit in it while still in our house!

    Some other positives:

    It was so easy to assemble.
    It stands upright when collapsed.
    It's fairly simple to collapse but I think I'll need to practice a little bit.
    It comes with a bassinet, a rainshade and bugshade.
    The cargo basket is massive.
    Great range of seat position options means that if you're lucky enough to have a little one that actually sleeps in the stroller you can adjust the seat back so you don't watch their precious little head roll forward.

    A few (small) negatives:
    For the price you're paying for these things, the least UppaBaby could do is include a bloody cup holder. Seriously. Come on. Parents need their caffeine.
    It's also (obviously) heavier than an umbrella stroller, but given that I'm using to lugging the BabyJogger around (which is definitely heavier than the Vista), it's not that bad.

    All in all, no regrets. Very happy with this purchase.