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  • Holly - Just what any single lady needsThis book is really useful, not only in advice on how to get 'the guy,' but in finding your inner confidence and getting out there more in general. Since I've started reading this book, I've already doubled the attention from guys I would normally have, and my sister has already been asked out on a date! Legend.
  • Sandra L. Setlak - CrossroadsFantastic Book. I could see this situation really happening. Well done, great writing as usual with Radclyffe. Loved the medical references which is her strength!

    Great story, Enjoy
  • K. Meurell - A perfect fireside companion!If you love anything English this book is for you. Susan is a master at creating, by hand, a warm and cozy experience in all of her books but this one is superior! It is a day by day diary beginning on the Queen Mary 2, rambling through the English countryside (Chawton, York, Bibury, Cotswolds...)and returning again on the Queen Mary 2. It is a perfect trip planning guide as she includes an appendix on her website with more detailed information on where they stayed, phone numbers to call to make reservations, histories of particular sites etc... The size of the book is like that of a diary, perfect to put in your bag and take along with you. I have read it once already and will have to re-read it again and again just to make sure I have seen everything. It is packed with photos, Susan's charming art, and vintage ephemera throughout its pages.
    I have described it as one of those gift shops you walk through that has absolutely everything you love and you don't know where to look first.
    Kathy from New Albany
  • Tim K - Don't be sucked in!Law details the way of not being sucked into intellectual black holes. As he describes, he isn't attacking the beliefs themselves, but the methods people use to defend the beliefs against criticism. These defenses, as he shows, do not hold up to scrutiny and are not intellectually honest. Many of the examples he uses are from a religious context, but not exclusively.

    My favorite chapters had to be "I Just Know!" and "Piling Up the Anecdotes". In "I Just Know," Law describes how people justify belief by saying that they just know it is true. Law will have nothing of this, and shows how saying "I just know" does not hold up against the eye of reason. "Piling Up the Anecdotes" shows how personal experiences are not good evidence for a claim.

    There were a few things Law talked about that I didn't totally agree with, but that doesn't mean I didn't learn a thing or two. I also would've liked a little more depth to some of the discussions. The things he should of elaborated on would've been beyond the scope of the overall book, but should've been included for completeness.

    Other than those two criticisms, Law's book was fun to read and shed light on how not to be sucked into an intellectual black hole. I plan on handing this out to a few friends who buy into the nonsense spread by works like, "The Secret"
  • Theo Bouwman - Lost causeHillary Mantel retells a well known story: the life of Cromwell the powerful minister of Henri VIII.
    She succeeds in give the reader a fresh picture of 16th. century politics and palace-intrigues but keeps close to the historical sources.
    Dusty figures out of history books get flesh on their bodies. A masterpiece