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Country: North America, US, United States

City: Ashburn, Virginia

  • J. D. Olson - Excellent buy!First off, I would like to say, this set of golf clubs was a great buy.... I fell it was the best pick for me(shoot mid 80's)

    I ordered this set on a Tuesday and was playing golf by Saturday. I took the set to the driving range first and hit a small bucket of balls. I immediately felt impressed. After I hit the range, I played a quick 9 holes. The driver hits 280+ and straight. Even on miss hits i still got distance and a playable ball. Hybrids where a little weird to get used to but worked well on the par 5 second shot. Iron are typical cavity backs. not a lot of distance on miss hits but always straight. Putter works... till you get a new one and lastly, you will need some aftermarket wedges. Overall the bag is very lightweight and I am happy to play better then bogie golf on my first round with these clubs.
  • Deven Gadula - animals or wish you were here?Shine On You Crazy Diamond is possibly the most dear piece of music of all times for me but it could very well be The Animals and not Wish You Were Here which is my favorite Pink Floyd album overall. It might have to do with the time distortions they have loaded this one with. Pigs On The Wing are such a spiritual boost. Dogs might be my favorite song here and it used to freak me out how many times while listening to this song back in 1977 and 1978 in my mother's place, with large dogs running around the house, I used to look out the window, forgetting I was hearing the music. And no, I did not do any drugs back then. A few days ago while on a business trip in Europe I was fortunate enough to attend a rock festival in Freising, Germany, where next to the Sylvan episode (the most amazing show by a vocalist I could ever imagine) I had experienced the complete Animals tour repertoire done by RPWL.; it was spectacular. It is interesting that 2 of my 7 most favorite present rock bands, RPWL and Mostly Autumn both came to life as Pink Floyd cover bands, and another one Porcupine Tree is also very heavily Pink Floyd influenced. If you love Pink Floyd and are searching for other great bands, please make sure you know all 3. Another great song on the album is Pigs, but that only leaves one other song, Sheep and that was the starting song of Pink Floyd's Animals tour. Basically it is a great album with phenomenal music and great lyrics.
  • jvleearch "jvl" - The more storage, the betterI generate very large files in my work and have previously completely filled several hard drives. I long ago determined that I need to have a number of external hard drives to save and back up files. This unit is perfect for my needs and is one of an arsenal of seven drives that are used for these purposes.

    I have used various Seagate drives before and have much confidence in the reliability of Seagate products.
  • Jenn-y - My GPA skyrocketed!These pens are a godsend! In university, I only received a C on my first chemistry mid-term, and I soon realized it was because I was using the wrong pen! I was using a man's pen, and the bulky shape coupled with the bold, aggressive testosterone-blue colour of the ink was clearly leaving me weak, both physically and emotionally. For my second midterm, I used Bic For Her Ball Pens, and amazingly, my feeble little feminine hands could write so fast I finished the exam before everyone else. The demure colours kept my silly female emotions in check as I wrote page after page of calculations. And in the end, I received an A+! Now I can't wait to write my final exam with these pens!

    In addition to exam writing, I have found that not weighing my little weak hands down with heavy pens makes it much easier for me to work in the lab. I no longer fear endless hours of titration and pipetting, and all of my data and observations that I've recorded in my lab book looks ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. Thanks, Bic For Her Ball Pen! You SAVED my academic career! I will definitely be using these pens for when I write my Master's Thesis.
  • Arun das - Great product which works out of the box!!Thera breath is the most wonderful mouthwash(not the normal alcoholic one) i have ever used in my life. Like other mouthwashes it doesnt contain alcohol, so no more burning sensation in the mouth. It tastes more or less like water with a mild mint flavor. People complained they lose taste after using this mouthwash. But i have no issues so far. It works like a charm and stops your bad breath forever by not masking the bad breath, rather reduces the sulphur components by its oxygenating formula. I dont know how it stops bad breath instantly. Thanks to the oxygenation process rather than the masking of bad breath. Only a small amount of therabreath is needed for a single rinse, so the two bottles will last more than 2 months atleast for me as i use it only once a day. I think a single dose of rinse per day is enough for average bad breathers (like me!). All i can say is that its a most value for money product. Thank you Thera Breath.