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  • J. Gregg - Fantastic productThis was a no think situation to purchase this product. Computer safety is a big concern for me and I had use this program before but the free version. Because it was free, I had to go in and update and use the program all myself. For any consumer that is not that good using a computer or for anybody wanting to protect themselves when they get on the internet would greatly appreciate this product. It will update to the most recent definitions of potential new ways that can harm your computer and scan your computer automatically. The program will also run in the background and protect you as you are using the computer without being told. I recommend this program to everybody.
  • The Lunar Staff "Moonlight Entertainment & Sales" - Not A Diet Plan, It's A Lifestyle Changing PlanThe Fast Metabolism Diet: Eat More Food and Lose More Weight eating plan is a life changing "diet". The plan is like nothing I have ever tried before and really took some getting used to.

    The first week was the hardest week and Haylie did a wonderful job of preparing the reader for the challenge. She let the reader know that the plan was challenging, difficult and full of changes not everyone would be comfortable with. However, she did promise you will lose weight in 28 days if you stuck to it; and I did.

    For someone that has tried every diet and eating plan known to man, I was full of doubt and despair when I started reading The Fast Metabolism Diet. I thought there was no way I could eat as much as Haylie recommends and still lose weight.

    I was one that believed that portion control and low fat, no fat was the healthy way to go and 100 calorie snack pack were the miracle cure. Not so! Food has to be your medicine and only good, healthy, clean food. Not so called diet food, low fat, no fat, nutrient depleted food.

    Through The Fast Metabolism Diet book, Haylie combines eating and exercise programs that allow the body to heal and "re-boot" itself, thereby relearning what to do with the food you eat. The Phases are easy to follow and the recipes are delicious. I even cooked one of them for our church group and they LOVED it. When I told them it was a recipe from the eating plan I was on they could not believe it. It was good and healthy!

    There are many challenging obstacles that one needs to overcome to be sucessful in this eating plan, like family & friends... especially if you're accustomed to eating out alot, self-discipline, cravings, etc...

    I fully recommend this book for anyone wanting to change the way you eat and the way you feel about food. It is not a diet plan, it is a lifestyle plan that will change your life, look and health.

    Way to go Haylie!
  • Anonymous - Perfection.Hygiene is my favorite thing.
    This is one additional tool no lady should be without.
    It's made me that much more confident.
    It even makes the days when aunt flow visits that much better.
    Give yourself a treat and add this to your daily routine, you'll wish you'd done it sooner.