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  • "primuschees" - the only person you ever need to knowAMAZING!!!
    That pretty much sums up the whole album. Gilmour out did himself on this one. The sonGs great and the lyrics are so amazing. Now this is pretty high praise from someone who is normally into Roger Waters. Dont get me wrong, I love both their styles. So good, I love this album. P.S.
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  • Rutha DeJesus - By this. Use this.I saw a recommendation on You Tube. The young lady said it was a 'must have' feminine hygiene product. I am soooo happy I ordered this. This doesn't leave you with a "fresh feeling" - you really are fresh. It does no harm down there, my doctor (female) told me. I just love the idea of not using chemicals that disrupt the ph balance. This is the best!!!