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  • a reader and writer - better than everI used this edition of the O'Henry anthology in my graduate fiction writing workshop recently, along with Best American Short Stories---using these anthologies in classes is something I do often. My students and I consistently find the O'Henry collections to be more varied, sophisticated and satisfying than Best American--and this year's anthology is no exception. I highly recommend it.
  • Hoss Cartwright - Digestive HelpI had my gallbladder removed about a year ago,since then my digestive system has been out of whack, my Doctor recommended align. I have been taking it now for two months and has really helped. I found the best deal at Amazon,so I do recommend both.
  • J. Annan - Life ChangingI believe that God led me to purchasing this book since a woman I was somewhat interested in at a church fundraiser told me about it. When I found out she had a boyfriend I was a bit disappointed but after she saw how much I wanted to be with someone, she recommended this book for me to read. "I kissed dating goodbye" will expose you to a way of living that is guided by what God wants us to do. Joshua doesn't change the words of God to make it pleasing for us nor does he give us an easy way to make dating work for us. What he says will take effort and concentration but it is all worth it in the end. A must read!
  • CatLady - Wonderful productI dont really like coffee so I use a ton of flavored creamer. I do love latte's though and this is sooooo easy and it is exactly as they describe. I use a lot less creamer and get alot more enjoyment from this.

    I am thrilled with this purchase, thinking of buying the iced coffee version next. I guess I could pour this over ice and get the same thing almost but I do love my kitchen gadgets... lol This is definitely one that I dont consider a gadget but an essential product! And the latte is sooo hot when you pour it into your mug you have to wait or you will burn your mouth, not a bad thing, so much better than just warm.
  • G. Schneider "old movie buff" - A beautiful book about a beautiful manIt took me a while to get into this book. It starts off with a long history of where Jim came from: his family going back to the Civil War era, where they lived, who sired whom, etc., etc. I was quite bored with it and set it aside and read something else. Then I went back to it, picking up where I'd left off. And that's where the book began to be wonderful.

    It's a very, very thick book, especially considering that the man himself lived to be only 53 years old. In that too-short lifetime he achieved a tremendous amount and did a tremendous amount, for which the world is and will be grateful beyond measure. I should state here that I'm not a TV addict and haven't been for years. So many of the made-for-TV shows Henson created are things I haven't seen. But that in no way diminished the beauty of this book and his story. Tonight, to celebrate having finished the book and submitting this review, I've watched THE GREAT MUPPET CAPER, which remains a fabulous, brilliant gem of a movie.

    My only regret is that the pre-publication advance copy of the book that I received for review has no illustrations. There are placers at the head of each chapter where presumably there will be some photo or other. There should by rights be an extensive photo section in the middle. Of all books not to have illustrations! We need a retrospective of puppets he designed over the years, starting with his TV work in Washington DC and running through all the SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE and SESAME STREET characters, on into the movies and later TV shows. We need photos of Jim and his children on their various vacations over the years. Quite likely, when the book is eventually published, it will have these things, and readers who purchase this book after its publication will be the richer for it.

    The final chapter, following Jim's shockingly premature death, had me in tears. I cried through the memorial service much as everyone in attendance did. I heartily recommend this book. It's heartwarming, inspiring, funny, sad...all of the above. Thank you, Brian Jay Jones, for a phenomenal job greatly appreciated! And thank you, Jim Henson for BEING.