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  • Sunshine21 - Great condition and fast shipping.Thank you for getting this book to me fast. I received it just in time for my class and it was in great condition. It was just the right book that I ordered. So for paying less than $12 for a book (and by the way that included expedited shipping and handling charges), I am very pleased. Thank you.
  • rerun1963 - Great ProductI looked at several tablet options. Dollar for dollar this was the best available at the time I purchased. Would purchase the newer version if I had a need, this one is still serving my current needs.
  • Rebecca A Bowen "Rebecca" - A Kindle Is Well Worth The InvestmentIf you're a reader and routinely run out of bookshelves, have to give books away to make room for new and feel like you've bought enough hard back books at bookstore chains that you should be a shareholder, this device is for YOU.

    I have had my Kindle since April of 2008 and I rarely, if ever, step into a bookstore any more. Amazon and this Kindle are now feeding my reading passion, and new books and a way to read them are always instantly within reach. It has performed flawlessly since I got it, and while others may poke at various features or the intuitiveness of their use, I can honestly say the most important things are it's portable, it's light, it fools you into thinking it's a real book (I was hooked the first time I tried to actually *turn* a page) and it's magic that I can carry a library of over 100+ books with me whenever I want to. (I often think of that "magic" in the context of Hermoine Granger in the Harry Potter 7th book Deathly Hallows - if you've read it, you'll know what I mean.)

    Amazon has taken the concept of ebook reading and made it truly what it should have been in the first place - and I can't thank them enough.
  • Carole Living - Once in a Lifetime BookThis is the most powerful book McCarthy has written. An apocalyptic nightmare and reality check; yet at the same time a deeply affectionate story of father and son. Sere yet emotionally touching this will be a book never forgotten. Even the style of printing and presentation emphasized the emotional content. Truly outstanding - the Pulitzer Prize was well awarded here.
  • Jeffrey R. Galket "kayak_er" - Touched me to my very soulIf you're bothered by minor details like dialogue without quotation marks, or writing that occasionally borders on poetry, then don't bother. I adapted to both within the first page or two. This book is about ultimate love between a father and his son, in the worst and most dire circumstances possible. It just so moving and emotional that I blew through it in a day, and wound up sobbing like a baby at the end. Definitely one of the better books that I've ever read. It breaks the good and bad of humanity to its very core.