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  • Juan Manuel - El libro que todos debemos tener!Este libro ha sido una excelente guía de como iniciar a conocer el mundo del sharepoint 2013 desde lo básico hasta lo complejo.
    Es un libro que recomiendo a todos que desean iniciarse o complementar sus conocimientos en la plataforma de SharePoint.
    Los ejemplos, las guías y los tips son muy acertados.
    Lo recomendo!!!
  • Rhonda Kennedy - SolidMust have for medical students who want to ace the step 1 exam. Good reviews for each basics science and it is a good review while in your blocks
  • Jose Lopez "Jose Lopez" - The Dark Side Of CamelotExcellent Expose on A Corrupt Family. A Myth of A Man,and The Real Story, Not like some "Truly Revisionist Pro-JFK Bios" This book from the very start tells you what it is about. There is no hiding it,even from the title.Despite this somehow Liberals can't get pass "Camelot". I Too have my biases hence Why I picked up the book. I don't like being force-fed lies by a liberal elite. The book goes into Detail about Joe Kennedy and his Bootlegging,Mob ties, and utter treason. Grandpa Fitzgerald and his stealing elections. and Of Course the myth himself who was too busy Chasing Skirts and being arrogant than being someone of substance and A True Catholic. It's A Tragic Tale of a family so ensued in scandal that it's hard to excuse. Apparently,those with a Pro-Kennedy Slant or liberal views have a tough time dealing with their dirty laundry but Are quick to point out anything that Isn't Liberal is wrong.
    If you question what you have been spoon-fed in class by all means please give the book a chance and read it.