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  • Dharmadog "Dharmadog" - Great Picture, Easy Menus, Plenty of ConnectionsThis TV has a fantastic picture. The remote and the menus are easy to use, and the TV itself is easy to set up, including getting the TV connected to a home network. Everything is really self-explanatory and I didn't need to use the manual for any part of the assembly or setup. All in all, I love it. Couldn't be happier.
  • Debora - Helping your body heal changing the way you eatThis book opened my eyes to the fact that diet alone can heal your body. Now, before considering taking any medication I take a look at natural ways to heal diseases.
    It has some important information not only for those who suffer from Candida but for everybody. It explains the process of digestion and food combining so that you may heal your digestive system. It explain how the body needs to be on an alkaline state, diminishing your chances of developing inflammations and other painful conditions.
    I highly recommend this book for women and men alike who have been struggling with unknown or known pain or diseases. From skin problems, any kind of pain, allergies, fatigue, drowsiness, depression and the list goes on.
  • Marie - Great product!I purchased this chair to use at restaurants. It has fit on all of the tables so far. My baby loves it since she is at a perfect height to eat from the table. Some restaurant high chairs have her sitting too low to the table and she can't pick up her puffs off the table. The only negative is that food tends to fall in between the table and the chair. I have some disposable place mats I plan on trying to prevent this from happening. My baby tries to twist out of regular high chairs but this one she is nice and secure. It is very easy to snap together and screw to the table which only takes about 2 minutes. So far it seems easy to wipe clean. This is definitely one of my favorite purchases and I feel that it was money well spent.