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  • Dannielle - Free Test, Why NotEDIT: HAD MY ULTRASOUND- Intelligender was wrong, wrong, wrong. Intelligender claimed we would be having a baby girl. No way, no how, this baby is definitely a boy. I'm glad I didn't pay the money for this product like some of you did. Suckers.

    I won this product from a website doing a giveaway, so I didn't have to shell out $30 and I won't feel awful if it's completely wrong.

    I took the test at 10 weeks and a GIRL result. I will definitely update this to let you know if it was correct!

    As far as the test goes, easy to use, easy to read directions.
  • Therese Jernt - Lost 30 lbs. Simple swaps! Awesome!Have knee, hip and foot problems. Besides arthritis. Can't exercise til I get medical advise. Have no health insurance so not anytime soon. I have lost 30 lbs since 5/1/11. Posting this 9/14/11. (would have been Amy Winehouses 28th birthday). If I was any more sedentary I'd be dead. Smart,easy swaps make a huge difference. 30 lbs in 3.5 months and still eating what I like. AWESOME!!!!
    Bought all 8-10 books used, like new, on Amazon. All were New condition. Paid average $7 a book for all that would be $19.95 retail. All were pristine, new condition. And made me 30 pounds lighter. Also, Rocco Dispirito, Eat this now, cookbooks Rock to go along with these.