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  • Yard Girl - Sew Happy I Bought This!I decided to replace my 20 year old sewing machine with this lovely Janome. I was used to using a mechanical machine rather than an electronic one but it has not taken me long to learn how to use it.The instruction book is very clear. I would advise anyone using an electronic machine for the first time to sit down and read through the book before starting to sew. There are still many features I have not used yet but I never used all the features on my old machine either.

    The machine has more than enough stitches for me to do anything I need to do. I have completed so many projects that I had piled up! It's amazing how much you can get done when a machine works properly! The tension settings are easy to manage and I have had no trouble sewing on a variety of fabrics from sheers to knits. I love the variable speed setting. It is easy to get things done when you are not having to constantly readjust your machine settings and tension.

    The fact that this machine came with so many attachments helped me decide to purchase. I had many attachments for my old machine that I knew would not work with this one. The walking foot was especially important to me.

    I was pleased with the speed of shipping from the supplier. The sewing machine was well packaged and arrived without a scratch.

    I would recommend this machine to anyone that is still struggling with a regular mechanical machine. I am enjoying sewing again and you can too!
  • O. Buxton "Olly Buxton (@electricray)" - Vitriol tempered with redemption: The Floyd smell the coffeeWhat with the punk explosion, the late 70s must have been a tough time for prog-rockers - and none would have felt it worse than the kings of unfathomable psychedelic rock themselves, Pink Floyd. Well, think about it: as far as Joe Public is concerned, it's a flip of the coin whether you or the Callaghan Labour government are responsible for the Sex Pistols. Either way it doesn't look good for your prospect of selling any records. So is the goose finally cooked, then? Not quite.Step forward Roger Waters, a thoughtful and articulate - if irretrievably hung-up - man, and a man who must have been growing increasingly frustrated at being typecast as the progenitor of long albums peppered with infrequent, impenetrable lyrics (been "caught in the crossfire between childhood and stardom" recently, anyone?), lavish but inexpert keyboard knoodling and gifted but indulgent lead guitar work. (Readers may like to know I take a dim view of Wish You Were Here.)So Mister Waters calls a band meeting. He says, "alright chaps, now listen up: this time we're going to do it my way. David: crank your guitar up. Play urgent, driving, dissonant chords. Make your solos somehow less comfy - put some edge in there, make it discordant, really wind it up. Rick: less knoodling from you, please: just play a few chords and keep your mouth shut. Nick: go drive one of your racing cars. I'll call you when I need you. If I need you. Everyone: Here are the lyrics I've written. They're about pigs, dogs, sheep and Mary Whitehouse. It's a political allegory. There are forty five pages of them."Well, you can just imagine the curt stage whisper from D. Gilmour, can't you. Gilmour is known for his dry wit. But at this point, what remained of Waters' sense of humour had all but evaporated - he was shortly to get to the point of gobbing at fans in concert - so perhaps Gilmour saw the valour of discretion and kept his trap shut. And, like a general directing an army, Waters brooked no further argument. Animals was born. Ironic, really.Happily, the result is just what the doctor ordered as an antidote to "the malaise": an intense, urgent, driving album. In parts, it's (deliberately) ugly. But mostly, it's angry: Waters' invective is at his most stinging, and this time the targets (political and moralist figures amongst them) are thoroughly deserving of his ire. And suddenly, the Sex Pistols and the Floyd are on the same side of the fence again. You wouldn't read about it.Nevertheless, the record starts and ends on an unexpectedly reflective note - opener Pigs and its closing reprise are far more tender than you'd credit, and for that very reason I think the album itself works better than its more reknowned successors. Where both the Wall and the Final Cut transpire to be permanent downers, Animals has the scent of redemption about it.Not something you'd say about much of Roger waters' recorded output since, methinks.
  • J. Finkel "Jack of Trades" - Another Great LeapPadLeapFrog's LeapPad2 is a slightly beefier version of the original LeapPad, but it still falls way behind most other tablets in graphics, screen size, accuracy and features. However, it's one major redeeming quality is that it is durable. My 3 year old is pretty good at handling electronics gently, but I would still be hesitant to risk $500 on her taking care with an iPad. The LeapPad2 can take a lot of abuse though and I don't even have to worry about my 1 year old getting her hands (and much more) on it. While the tablet itself is cheaper than most other tablets, the software is much, much more expensive. Don't make a decision based primarily on the cost of the hardware.

    As for the LeapPad2 Monster University Varisty Edition vs. the regular LeapPad bundle, you are paying a decent amount for some trivial bonuses. The most significant item bundled in with the LeapPad2 is the $20 credit for LeapFrog's app store. It's generally better to have $20 to spend on Amazon because LeapFrog software will be cheaper on here. However, currently LeapFrog is giving 30% off your first purchase on their store. The stickers, cleaning cloth and bonus software included in the bundle may be fun for your kid or not. The protective cover looks nice and may add some probably unneeded extra protection. In other words, if your kid loves Monsters University, it may be worth purchasing this bundle, but don't think that you are getting a bunch of great items bundled in for all that extra cash.