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  • J. White - Works FineI installed the product on a Mac OS 10.8.2 machine. The software installed easily with no problems observed. Before testing I installed the latest software update. The software worked without problems and handled everything I tried without error messages or instability issues. The interface has changed somewhat and some may not like it . After using it a couple of weeks I really like it. Highly recommended
  • brenda1162 - Problems seemed to subside after a couple of uses!My Husband Bought this for me after I told him my Doctor recommended it and I immediately tried it, after all I thought what Have I got to lose except the painful Bloating and gas I get whenever I eat foods(any foods affecting me). So I tried it and within a couple of days of taken it, I noticed a difference right away. Like the product says you will still feel a little bloated and some gas while your body gets used to it But that will subside. I had stomach problems for 4 years and my Nurse Practioner told me nothing was wrong until I had a ultrasound after 4 years of being in pain and found out I had a Moderate to severe problem with a Bowel Obstruction, But she never even recommended anything so I went to a specialist that found out my problems and recommended I take Align and so far it's worked great!! I highly recommend it to anyone with IBS
  • Patricia H. Diers - The Garmin NuviI am so glad I made this purchase. I have used it continuously on trips and to get to local destinations.
    The ease of use is awesome. I am technologically challenged and I had no issues working it, so I highly recommend it.
    I only wish now, that I had bought the next level GPS, where it shows you road construction.