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  • Willie - This is one great product.I learned how to read a map when I was 10 yrs old and I have a collection of maps from all over the USA. I was very hesitant to use a gps when I can read a map. Since my new gps arrived I put it in my truck and have used it from day one. It is great to have my navigator to show the speed limits when I travel. I also like it when it turns red on your speed to let you know you are going over the limit. It is a great feature to warn you of your speed so you can slow down and not get a ticket. Overall,it's a great product with many features to help you guide your way safely on the hiways and byways of America. I'm very pleased that I bought this gps. I will use it for many years of safe travel.
  • Marisa Moritz - EXCELLENT REFERENCEI have used this pocket reference for years and though it does require some "reading" glasses for small print, I don't mind because the information in it is so good as to the latest guidelines for treatment of so many diseases. I love that it offers medication alternatives for those with drug allergies. It is small and compact and fits in my white coat pocket. I know am giving the proper treatment when I use this guide.
  • Boston Geek - Works as advertisedOther than support for iPhone and Android aps, no major change since last version that interest me.

    Works well. Same Quicken interface and no crashes or lock ups...

    One tip- make sure you back up your data regularly. Qucken can be set to remind you to do it. You don't back up data in case the hard drive fails, you back it up for then it does... Hard drives are much better these days, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

    Just my 2
  • Mouza Al Suwaidi - You Simply Need to Learn The Language of Your System!If you have any intestinal disorder this is the right track for you to reverse the cycle and to be able to communicate with your system and understand it in order to regain your health, and enjoy your life just like the rest of us.

    A year after my mother's death, I have been diagnosed with Crohn's disease. The doctor who first saw me said her body is fighting itself, and stopped all food, except a one litre of water mixed with it an elemental powder for more than 4 months. Also, he put me on steroids to bring my symptoms down.

    At the same time other two specialists from two different hospitals insisted on me going for a surgery to cut part of the intistine, of course I refused that because I had the hope that I will be able to break the cycle.

    While reading a story about an Indian guy who was suffering from Cronhs too, I found at the end that he is recommending this book as he also tried it and was able to recover. When I saw the cover picture of the cover page in amazon I remembered that I bought this book before, then only I felt more excited to put it in action.

    Following the book I was able to eat pretty a lot like any normal person without suffering that much. I just needed to ignore the list of food I have to avoid. And finally after a couple of weeks I was able to see results.

    I'm currently 31, first was diagnosed in 2001 with Crohn's. After 1.5 year being on medication I found out about this approach. Since then I have not touched any medication and have not visited a doctor for Crohn's except in 2008 for colonoscopy where the doctor couldn't belive his eyes that there is no sign that I have Cronhs saying that my intistine looks pink and healthy like if I have never suffered from any disease before in my life. All internal Medicine doctors in my country whom I have been transferred to to prescribe for me vitamins hate me because I refuse to follow their offers to start taking any intistine related medications. They in fact find me to be careless, although I look 100% healthy and symptoms free when I don't eat food that irritates my system. All what everyone of us really need is to understand his/her own system. That's it!

    After being on this diet for several years, I regained my life fully again. Besides this diet and taking care of the vitamins required and exercise, I take L-Glutamine tablets, constantly drink Saleb which works to balance the mocus in the stomach and intestine, enhance the absorption of vitamins and minerals in food. Drink carrot juice before bed. During the day I also drink water with a squeeze of lemon to stay really hydrated. These are few things I'm doing right now to maintain my health. I'm living in peace again even I look far better than people who are believed to be healthy.

    Elaine, I can't thank you enough..
  • franklin marcelino - expensive but very good quality built.Bought a knock off at ebay at first. All sorts of problems installing it as the screw holes from the rails did not line up with the holes in the bars. At the end could not install it it all. Returned it and purchased the real deal here. Expensive but original and very good quality built. If you want to avoid headaches with the knock off, I would recommend this one.