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  • D. Woodruff - Terrific External DriveThis external hard drive is a very competent unit. It runs quietly, cool, it's lightning-fast on USB 3.0 connections while still maintaining compatibility with USB 2.0. I have been able to successfully use it interchangeably on a Windows 7 PC as well as a MacBook without any issue. Nothing about the construction makes you doubt its durability, but as with all things with moving parts, it can break, but fortunately Seagate provides a 2-year warranty on the unit. I have my entire music collection on it and I take it with me to and from work every day. I love it.
  • katerina - Just do it! Your health - in your hands.I had UC for 9 years untill recently. Following this diet from Aug 2002. Simptoms free, thanks to Elaine that she shared her wisdom in this book.
    Doctors only think medications or surgery, we (patients) are like lab mice for them; At least they can diagnose successfuly sometimes.
    If you not sure, get this book from library.
  • J. Rexroat "The one and only" - Love it! Met my expectationsYou know going in what your getting and for the price its worth it. I mean, its the only SI swimsuit blu-ray out so far and the PQ is amazing. Yea, its only 30 minutes but how much do you need, or want. I wanted more but my hopes are that the sales will push them to make another one with more models.

    Two thumbs up!!!!!