Chlamydia Treatment using Zithromax Antibiotic for Men and Women - Zithromax (Azithromycin) antibiotic for Chlamydia STD. Symptoms of chlamydia and treatment options.

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  • P. Crowe - adjustable carbonation, endless possibilities for flavorsWhat a wonderful product! Arthritic hands have made it impossible to use a soda syphon, but the large size of the canister and bottle and the easy screw in system for both make it simple to use the SodaStream for making soda water. Personally I do not care much for either sweet or diet soft drinks, but it you do, the sample soda flavors compare favorably to the products they mimic. I use the SodaStream to make mostly unsweetened drinks using a variety of flavors: angostura bitters, orange bitters, pure cranberry juice, lime juice, grenadine, almond extract (a spoonful of sugar + an ounce of milk for orzata), various other extracts, some fruit juices, and some drink mixes. Also good for alcoholic drinks. I experiment all the time with different flavors and mixtures. Since the fizziness level is adjustable, you can get the right level for whatever drink you are making. I like a very light amount of flavor and lots of bubbly water. No more lugging expensive plastic bottles of soda from the store.
  • justin - Love it!It far exceeded my expectations for a tablet with that price point. Very impressed! I would recomend this tablet to anyone looking for one.