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  • emily bulat - PR'd in most recent marathon in theseI've run 5 marathons and up until this past weekend, I always wore my racing flats for any race. I'd been training in the Wave Rider 16s and decided to give them a shot at the marathon. I'm glad I did. My feet did so well. The shoes breathe great on the top and they're lighter than the previous version (15). After running the full marathon, my feet surprisingly had no foot pain. Awesome shoes.
  • Meow - Very IntuitiveThis software works like a dream. I have no idea how but this software works better with my wacom tablet than any other. Been using adobe photoshop since 1999, and for actually drawing, this has it beat. A must for anyone who loves drawing and wants to be able to do digital work.
  • Michael Repetto - Toughness has many great suggestions for sports, but also for lifeI initially borrowed this book from the library, but after only about 50 pages, I realized that I needed a copy for myself, so I purchased a Kindle version. I really worked out the highlighting function on my Kindle with all of the great nuggets. I found the book very beneficial for how to deal with situations at work and with co-workers.