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  • Harold Hill - Warning - Don't believe in the 'in stock' designationI waited and waited for mine, then contacted the manufacturer only to find out that the production line was recently stopped by falling space debris that obliterated the injection molding section critical to proper sealing of the rounded plug lever, compromising the connector and cable structure.

    Fortunately somebody had apparently tried to walk off with a couple cases of these cables, but forgot about them and left them in the cafeteria before heading home.

    I purchased those cases, but have about 20 extra cables I don't need. I'd be willing to let these go for just a 10% premium over the suggested list price, plus $75 for the premium packaging and insurance these babies require.
  • Joseph T. Jandrokovic - Nothing Better, For NowShipped fast. I have bought many electronic gadgets and must say this is one of the best and most versatile. It handles PDFs nicely. The only thing I don't like about this tablet (as well as all others) is the LCD screen, which I hope changes in the future.
  • Richard A. Flynn - This book was key in saving my son's life!!!!!!14 years ago my son suffered from inflammatory intestinal disease which Elaine describes perfectly. It drove his immune system into the basement putting him at risk to any harmful bacteria. He suffered from night terrors, ADHD, and what looked like child-onset-schizophrenia. I am not kidding when I say, within 36 hrs. the results were so dramatic I could not believe it! After a couple of years I don't think he had so much as a cold. He's now 6'3", was a champion pole vaulter in High School, no signs of ADHD and has had a very successful time as a US Marine. I'm re-reading the book and sharing it with friends again. I see the conditions Elaine describes everywhere I look and people I know are still finding it to be a God send!!!!! No joke.
  • J. Clifton - Easy and Cheap (with a BB&B nearby)Got one of these for my birthday and I am in love. Before I would make special trips to the store to stock up on Diet Coke/Orange/Sprite etc drinks. It was simply too heavy to buy with my normal grocery shopping. Now, with the flavor bottles, I can get 18 "2 liters" worth of drinks for around $10. I use the 5 off 15 bed bath and beyond coupons at the store and pick up 3 flavors for $10. The refill on the carbonater there is also $15 which I use another 5 off 15 coupon so its $10. So basically 1 2l worth of drink with this machin costs me 88cents and takes a LOT less space in my house. Plus you get to choose which flavor you want.

    Before I was buying cheap knockoff diet cokes at around $1 each, this saves me a little money, but the big thing is not having to lug around 2l bottles or cans and having a choice of flavors for me :)

    Would highly recommend this to people who drink a lot of carbonated stuff .