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  • J. Williams - Improve your sex lifeIf you are married and your marriage is awesome - read this book so it stays that way.
    If you are married and your marriage is okay - read this book so it becomes awesome.
    This book is about making sure you as a man remain or regain the male in you that your wife falls for.
    It is an easy, down-to-earth, quick read for any busy man.
    I personally read it on my kindle over a couple weeks during my work schedule and can tell you that my relationship with my wife is better because of it.
    There's no real secrets revealed, but the author reiterates some of the things you probably already know.
    The author explains the balance needed in both Alpha and Beta male traits needed in order to maintain a great sex life.
  • TarynPerry - P90X For WomenI had been a gym rat for so long, then after I had my 2 kids, getting to the gym just got harder and harder. A friend had told me about a killer workout she had just started (she was 30 days in) and she felt awesome. Just 4-months post-baby I was READY as I wasn't seeing much more weight drop. So I took her suggestions, ordered P90X and went about my own journey. I didn't have huge expectations, but of course I'm going to be hesitant about it working for "me".

    I went through ALL the material, which I highly recommend, so you can set yourself up for success. This means READ the nutrition guide, READ the Fitness guide, WATCH the "Watch This" DVD and TAKE the Fit Test. So many blow over all this important information, only for them to wonder why it didn't work after only 2 weeks, and the quit.

    I planned ahead with all my meals and gave it my 110% effort for 90 days, to see if this program was all that it was cracked up to be. Especially since most in the infomercials, at the time, were men. My competitive nature came through and wanted to see what I was made of.

    90 days later, 25 lbs gone and I have a great story to share about how I effectively lost weight, without pills or starving myself. So if you are a women and wondering if P90X is for women, read this:

    You won't regret the decision, if you are READY for it. Best of luck!