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  • theosus - Awesome, Awesome... simple and it works on XPI was using Kaspersky Internet Security 2011, which expired a few months back. I saw this version advertised for 1/3 the retail price and decided to give it a shot. Im using an older PC with windows XP. I am fine with the 2011 interface and hoped I could just use the activation key instead of doing a complete re-install. When the box arrived, I took out the CD, flipped it over and clicked "activate" on my 2011 version of Kaspersky. It accepted the code and immediately started to update its databases. It took about 20 minutes to do the self-update and went right back to work as normal. It did not require me to re-install anything, and thanks to 2012 being a leap year, I have 366 days before the license runs out again.
    The price was GREAT, the activation seamless and as simple as it gets. Literally four clicks and typeing a number in. If you are using Kaspersky 2011 and need a new license, try this. Ive used Norton and McAfee. Both are tremendous pains in the butt and memory hogs (at least for my systems) compared to Kaspersky labs. I wouldn't use another product. I did like the 2010 interface even better... I wish they hadn't changed it.
  • TOPAZ1100 - great little bookI used it all the time in 1st semester of nursing school and I use it now in 2nd along with the fact that it's so little I also take it to clinical. I see other people taking their huge drug books to clinical and this one is sooo convenient and has good drug info in it.
  • baysidesanjose "MikeT" - Use it every day.It does what it does. I'm amazed at how quickly it makes the coffee and froths the milk. I was surprised at how hot it is. I use ground espresso or coffee and I would recommend the reusable filter since the paper filters (it came with 4) may fold over causing the water to run down the side and not through the coffee. I use this every day and it is very easy to clean and very easy to use. Read the setup instructions. I have also posted a video on youtube. I paid $49. I'm interested in the espresso steamer and milk steamer for $29.
  • Jaded Princess - Got Rid of an Antibiotic Induced Yeast Infection in 5 Days....Having been put on antibiotics for the past month, I had developed a yeast infection. I started taking this product and within 5 days, it was gone. Normally, if left untreated a yeast infection only gets worse. So, I do believe the use of this product did put an end to the issue and it was not a coincidence.