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  • CAS MARINO - Finally -- The Depth and Succor Lacking in Other TitlesI have been searching tirelessly for the one single authoritative voice on this subject, and am blessed to report I have no further to look than these pages right here.

    Plagued by a life's-worth of choices and circumstances that have been the OPPOSITE of Huge Ship Avoidance, I have tried to stay my course and navigate the rough waters with every available title on the shelves of the local booksellers.

    "Stay Away From Big Watercraft"; "Avoiding Huge Ships For Dummies" (both editions); "Huge Ship Avoidance for the Soul"; "Gurl, That Durn Ship Gonna Hit Ya: The Gay Man's Guide to Not Getting it in the Stern"; "What Jesus Knew Before Walking On Water: The Christian Guide to Avoiding Huge Ships"; and the arch and irreverent but poorly edited and uninformative "But Are You TRYING to Take A Steamer to Your Sternum?"

    They all left me feeling... adrift...

    With its helpful diagrams and no-nonsense editorial tone, with "How to Avoid Huge Ships" I felt that I was not only being given the information I so desperately needed (Dudes... DESPERATELY with like a capital "Duh") with a minimum of fluff and folderol, but that I wasn't being spoken down to in a way that made me feel like as huge an accident-of-creation moron as those other books did, simply because I totally am.
  • Courtney - Right for meIntelligender told me I was having a boy at about 15 weeks, and the doctor confirmed at the 20 week ultrasound. It was right for me. We also did the gendermaker test, and it said girl.
  • JBaileySoprano - Wow, A must have for every women!!Wow is all I can say!! This book is just amazing!! I has searched far and wide for a strategy to help me with men. I am just a couple of chapters in and I have not only seen a change in the way I talk to the guys I am attracted to, but anybody I come in contact with! I used to be the very shy girl that stayed in the bad and listened, now I am the one that people want to talk to!! I think the most surprising thing has to be the way I interact with guys that I am attracted to. I have had my eye on one guy and I just wanted to work some of the tricks that I learned and they worked!!! I want to thank you so much!! I am so confident and I love it!! A must have book if you want to be a confident, independent women!! :D