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  • Sigrid "Small state" - Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary RadicalsFive stars! The use of this text 'centers' our day as we use it every morning and often at night. We gave a copy to each member of our Worship, Music and the Arts Committee. As a group, we try to stay connected and present to God and one another by the discipline of daily common prayer. We find it very meaningful and the prayers very immediate.

    One difficulty is some of the male language for God. No one tampers with the "Glory be to the Father. . . " I guess, except the Carmelite nuns who use "Glory to You, Source of All Being, Eternal Word, and Holy Spirit" (People's Companion to the Breviary) which expands the imagery for God. We use this language instead. And today, in the Songbook section, we came upon "Precious is the blood that makes me white as snow. . . ," a racial reference to "purity." These might seem minor, but our language reveals who we believe God and ourselves to be. In our family, we simply make the changes and move on.

    Thanks to Claiborne, Wilson-Hartgrove and Okoro for this meaningful guide to daily prayer that remains with us all day.
  • Coby - Great TabletI really spent a lot of time researching tablets before I decided on the iPad Mini. The device is light and because I purchased the 64g it can store all the music, movies & e-books that I have. My wife who so isn't so keen on tablets uses it regularly with ease. Good bang for your buck and practical.
  • Connie Durbin "got to rv" - Love, love, love this book!I first read this book 15 years ago and it truly revolutionized my ideas on dating and has given me practical ways to avoid the common pitfalls of dating. I have given it to many people over the years and without fail, anyone who took the time to read it has come back to me and thanked me over and over for giving them something that has changed how they view the whole dating scene and to have a better way of approaching it all. Truly has changed my life! Can't recommend it enough. Joshua Harris has also written a review on a book called "His Perfect Faithfulness" by Eric and Leslie Ludy, a true account of their beautiful love story based on God's principle of "courtship" as opposed to dating in moving toward a committed relationship. A beautiful, all you could hope for, love story on how it can be done and have the very best anyone could ever hope for in that. Hope this helps even one person find their own "true love story" !
  • deepest - Very interestingThe idea is that orgasm releases dopamine and other strong chemicals in our brain, and hangover lasts for up to two and half weeks and creates separation. The author recommends gentle sex without orgasm, that releases oxytocin, that helps loving each other instead.Of course, I believe there are many more reasons for couple's disagreements, but that might be one of the big ones.
    Since I do not have a partner right now, I can't really check it, but I will defintely give it a try in the future.
  • P. Flindt - Works fineBeen using Quicken since the early 90s for tracking accounts, investments and overall financial planning. An OS upgrade forced me to sunset my older version of Quicken and replace with the latest version. I was reluctant to upgrade based upon all the negative comments here but upgrade went well; after two months of use I see none of the problems mentioned here.