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  • Kegnjg - wifi baby set upEven though I haven't ventured into using the monitor yet, I can tell you how the support during the set up was. I have a newborn and when he sleeps i have time to get things done and dictates my schedule. The support guy, Gary Olson, was kind enough to call back at a more convenient time which was so helpful. The set up process was so easy and Gary did the share screen method and he was very patient with me. The questions were answered in a way that was easy to understand and he didn't rush me. I was going to return the item but tried the support ticket and it worked out great.
    WiFi Baby 2.0 (2013 Model) - iPhone, iPad, Android, Baby Monitor & Nanny Cam DVR. Video, Audio, Recording. Anywhere. Same Look, New Features (WFB2013)
  • Rutha DeJesus - By this. Use this.I saw a recommendation on You Tube. The young lady said it was a 'must have' feminine hygiene product. I am soooo happy I ordered this. This doesn't leave you with a "fresh feeling" - you really are fresh. It does no harm down there, my doctor (female) told me. I just love the idea of not using chemicals that disrupt the ph balance. This is the best!!!
  • James J - A must havePlain old simple you need Anti-Virus,I have tried the free ones and other brands. Norton is my favorite because of its simple interface.

    This wraps you in a blanket of security. I got this after a scary virus or something hit my computer and locked it up asking for monkey. After I had to re-image my PC, I the coated it with Norton 360.
  • Jac' Goff - GREAT PRODUCT DENON...THANK YOUI must say that I find the majority of these reviews to be inaccurate, offence and way off mark.
    The Denon AKDL1 Dedicated Link Cable performed exactly as described. Once I connected it my duel port fuel system data com... my trajectory navigation come on line without a hitch. I have tried other Dedicated Link Cables but none...none have worked ... I can not thank the Denon Company enough for such a fine product. I have set my elastomer out to it's full length...opened the barn door...tied on my conical tin foil helmet and will be exiting this spherical sheet hole momentarily....thanks Denon...Garthok out
  • Adelin - PERFECT!!!FINALLY, an author that doesn't make the heroine as psycho and crazy as the hero! Better than The Crossfire Series and FSOG!!

    Gabe is a beautiful control freak but Banks has captured an element of vulnerability in this character which is soooo refreshing, he learns quicker than most anal control freaks and is an interesting hottie. I loved Mia, she's a beautiful, generous heroine with a STRONG sensible head on her shoulders. The entire book was a fantastic to read and easy to enjoy.