College of Medicine and Health Science - The College of Medicine and Health Sciences (CMHS) of the United Arab Emirates University is the first and highest ranked medical school in the United Arab Emirates. The faculty is internationally recognized. It was first opened in 1984 by His Excellency Sheikh Nahayan Mubarak Al Nahayan, Minister of Higher Education & Scientific Research, and Supreme Chancellor of the University. FMHS evolved rapidly from its embryonic beginnings. In 1986 the first batch was admitted and graduated in 1993.

Country: Asia, AE, United Arab Emirates

  • J. K Murray - Awesome Book! Highly Recommended!This may be a stretch, but I think it safe to say that The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists by Neil Strauss is one of the most talked about and popular books among men in our generation. I read "The Game" (years ago) and found it hilarious, intriguing, inspiring, and useful all at the same time. I had no idea that "Rules of the Game" existed until a friend told me about it a few weeks ago. Given how great I thought the original book was I had to go out and buy the book.

    I really like this book. It feels like a cross between a pick-up artist book and a lifestyle change book (leaning much more towards lifestyle change). The book is divided into three areas: The Stylelife Challenge, The Routines Collection, and the Style Diaries.

    The Stylelife Challenge is a 30 day challenge to help people not just to pick up girls, but improve their lives (especially social lives) in general. Some topics include: Grooming, openers, conversation, getting a number, setting up gatherings, and more. To "win" the challenge you need to get a date. Not have sex, just get a date. I think the challenge has some pretty interesting ideas (one of them is for men to read a "Cosmopolitan" magazine from cover to cover to help get a woman's perspective on men). Although I don't think that some of the events are necessary I do think that the vast majority of them will help anyone socially and are beneficial. Overall I think the Stylelife Challenge has some EXCELLENT strategies that any man who is having trouble with women should read. I have already implemented some of them and have seen some great results.

    If anyone has read "The Game" they will remember Neil constantly talking about "material." Well, the Routines Collection is some of that material. Various openers, value demonstrations, games, and more are described in great detail. These routines are a great way to engage women (and sometimes groups in general) and keep conversations fresh and interesting.

    Finally, there are the Style Diaries. You can basically look at this as "The Misadventures of Neil Strauss." They are random stories from his journals. His writing style is still like it was in "The Game," so it is hilarious and graphic, but it does not feel like a sequel and is not nearly as long has "The Game" (The Style Diaries is only a little less than 100 pages vs. The Game's 452 pages). However, it is still definitely entertaining stuff that is worth a read.

    I've seen some reviewers knock a few stars off because they felt the book was not made for shy people and therefore has no merit. I have to disagree with this (I used to by crazy shy for YEARS). The point of the book is continuous progress. You can't break out of your shyness without at least trying to progress and he has some great exercises to address this problem. While he does not use the word "shy" I feel he implies that he does write from an understanding that most people reading the book are shy. If you are "painfully shy" it may help to read this book first: From Shy To Social: The Shy Man's Guide to Personal & Dating Success in conjunction with other small talk books to help build your social skills.

    Overall I think this is an excellent book. While the book is made for what he calls "the hardest cases" it is easy to understand how to implement his strategies and know when to scale them accordingly. There are A LOT of useful strategies and tips not just to help men with women, but to live their lives in a more positive way in general.

    I highly recommend this book not just for men who have problems with women, but for men in general.
  • Ray D. Ator - Another reason to buy everything at Amazon!I live in Bellevue WA and I am building a fusion power plant in my basement using cast off parts from the now scuttled nuclear reactor in Hanford WA and my mother's old Volvo 544. I am *not* a physicist by traditional training (you know, the old BS route most people take through the universities) but instead my background in nuclear physics comes from reading wikipedia articles, watching youtube videos, and reading the book "The Dummy's Guide to Building Your Own Fusion Reactor" that I bought off of I've also played the "Fusion Reactor" game on XBOX 360 and so I am familiar with the controls.

    The main issue was finding the nuclear fuel needed to start the fusion process. The damn US government will not sell me any radioactive components since I voted against Obama in the last election. I was just about to blame Obamacare for ruining my chances of having a fusion reactor in my home when I ran across this item at Amazon. Voila! The perfect solution.

    So I need 16 megatons of uranium ore to get the reaction started. Now you're probably thinking "Holy sheep! How is he ever going to pay the shipping charges on 1,456,000,000,000 cans of this stuff? He'll go broke!"

    But that's the beauty of being a PRIME member at Amazon. Shipping is FREE for PRIME members and Mr. Bezos picks up the shipping tab. Boo-yah!

    I'm also going to claim the 16 megatons of uranium ore as a "nuclear medicine treatment" for my hemorrhoids and so Obamacare will pay for the rest of the purchase as they think it's a medical necessity. Double Boo-yah!
  • Jim D - It always works for meI have been using HR Block (TaxCut) since it first came out for DOS.
    I have a rental and I always make the standard version work for that.
    It carries my Schedule E over each year. Some years I have to look for
    the depreciation worksheets, etc. but I always get it to work. I have never
    bought the version for Real Estate.
    I also like the tech help. Each year I ask them to send me the State software
    by email, because I never put my tax computer on the Web.
    My biggest complaint is it doesn't work with Windows2000. Why is that?
    I just want to do my taxes without watching a lot of multimedia videos and stuff
    that is off the point and not specific to my question. I plan on keeping my Win2000
    because it is stable and works for my needs--- to check e-mail and a few web sites.
  • seaski42 - Has saved Mollie's lifeI bought this product when it was first introduced for my lab/German shepherd. She is the sweetest, friendliest dog you could ever meet but that is also her downfall.....she loves strangers and wanders around our community any time she can slip away...across four lane highways to the grocery or to Pizza Hut (where they feed her). Did i mention she can open doors that aren't deadbolted? Anyway, Pet Tracker is keeping her alive. Within 2 minutes after she has left the perimeter we have established for her (about a 5 acre area) we are notified by text message on my husband's phone, my phone and my son's phone. One of us jumps in the car and uses the mapping device as well as the frequent update messages to find her usually within 10 minutes (she is also a fast runner) . Before we got this wonderful device we would drive around literally for hours trying to track her down. We have never had a single problem locating her since we bought Pet Tracker. The only bit of a downside for us is that the battery only stays charged 2-3 days. The company sent me several devices the first few weeks after our purchase to make sure it wasn't a defective device and even offered a full refund because they determined it was our rural location that caused such a short battery life but we elected to just make sure we removed it for charging every third night ( and were sure our deadbolts were on!). Also, I would recommend the nylon zippered guard if your dog is "playful". We lost the tracker once and the company sent us one along with our replacement tracker and we haven't had any problems since. I don't get very excited about products often but Pet Tracker is an exceptional product and solution to a wandering dog.
  • Gabrielle Burtless - This author always makes me thinkI've recommended Passionate Marriage to half the people I know (married or not). This book goes that little bit farther than Passionate Marriage and makes a nice addition to his work. While it has a similar purpose (using your committed partnership as a system for individual growth which = intimacy/passion/satisfaction) this is not the same book all over again. I do suggest reading Passionate Marriage before you read this one as some of the ideas and techniques referenced in this book are fully described in P.M.

    By the way, I recommend these two books even if you're not in a relationship currently. If it were up to me they would be required reading BEFORE marriage. We have a tremendous rate of failure in marriages culturally which is (I suspect) largely related to completely inaccurate expectations about the purpose & mechanics of a good marriage. I know that was true for me at least. Thanks to this book I went into my last marriage with a significantly different concept than previously. I can also say that I believe this one will last the rest of my life (it's already lasted longer than any previous relationship). Note that I'm not saying that it's all sunshine and rainbows, but rather that we do a much better job putting the bad days to good use and spend way less time on them. I think anyone has an easier time tolerating discomfort when there's a positive purpose. This book doesn't promise no discomfort...just tells you how to make it useful (and eventually reducing the amount of time you must spend in the messy bits).