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  • lynnp - Quickbooks is the Premier in BookkeepingI love using the newer version of Quickbooks Premier. We previously upgraded from QB Premier 2007 to the current version Premier 2013. It is indeed Premier in all it's glory. It's easy to use, and I love the new interface. No problems when it comes to looking for things I need in quicbooks weather it's customer information and invoices, or billing and banking to payroll information I'm looking for. Quicbooks Premier 2013 is better and improved navigation and centers make it easily accessible for anything I'm looking for.
  • NCS - think for yourself? sounds good to meIt's funny, i was recommending this book to a friend after reading Expecting Better a few weeks ago, and she asked me if it was the new book with all of the controversy. I had no idea this book was considered controversial! but sure enough when i looked at the amazon reviews i was shocked to see so many one star reviews. After reading the reviews, both positive and negative and the subsequent comments, it is quite clear to someone who has read the book that most of those that have given the book poor reviews have not, in fact, read the book they are "reviewing". While i respect those that are caring for persons affected by fetal alcohol syndrome, i think by not reading the book, it's clear they may have missed the point of the book. The book does not advocate binge drinking or even moderate drinking. It simply presents the information obtained via medical studies. Oster is more than qualified as an economist and expert in statistics to review studies and determine their merit. In fact, she is more well prepared to do this than most physicians. Most physicians take one or two graduate level statistics classes. This is not to say that physicians do not know about medicine, but that data interpretation (even involving medical research) is not their area of expertise (it is, however, Dr. Oster's). This book merely advocates thinking for oneself and making informed decisions. I'm not sure how this could be a bad thing?