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  • Mark Young - Five stars is rubbish...right?!! Can someone please tell me how to think?Before I read this book, I wasn't actually certain what a "liberal" was. I had a vague notion that it had something to do with things like supporting better schools, or a safety net to prevent extremes of poverty. I now know that it really doesn't have to be as extreme as this. It can include anything that challenges the established fact that the rich are the only ones capable of withstanding the morale-sapping effects of a life spent on the receiving end of state handouts. This work is a testament to a life selflessly spent defending the rich and powerful. I'm not American, and, before reading this book, I held many beliefs that I now know to be wrong. For example, I once viewed the uniformed thugs from your Department of Homeland Security as rather similar to the Nazi SS - but without the cool leather overcoats and sense of fun. After reading Ann's book, I now understand why a police state is necessary to defend democracy. I shall now be arguing the case for our own Patriot Act in my country, and this book will make my task far easier. If you aspire to be the sycophantic idiot who used to follow the school bully around, a noble calling if ever there was one, this book is for you. When engaged in theoretical debate with liberals, it will supply you with endless gems that you can use to make yourself appear more intelligent than you really are. I'm not sure why you would need these, bearing in mind that liberals are so stupid, but it's always good to have something that avoids the need to think about things ...right!?
  • jewelry galore - drug bookLove these books as a nurse I have been using them for years. This book is very up to date and is a handy way of looking up drugs quickly. Also I love the trade in feature, send back your copy from the previous year and you get $2 off of your next purchase. A lot of the doctors I have worked with use this handy book.
  • loves 2shop alot "loves 2 shop alot" - I Have problem skinI suffer from cyst all over my body an so that means i get cyst on my face as well. It sucks but anyway proactive, actutane, dicloxine all those dont work for me. So i sough out to at least cover them up. I tried Fx cover up first which is a HEAVY DUTY COVER UP.and sure it worked, matched my skin but goodness when u looked at me it looked like i had more that what i did on. So after returning that i went to bare essentuls. Yes u must clense your face, and yes you MUST moitureize!!! But let me tell you, i use the conceler from BM and it works great!! I use it on cyst and peeling areas anddd red areas. After that i cover it with foundation, a lil bronzer and the veil. It looks great! I mean super great. Okay fine it looks great but i decided to test that theory out that its so pure you can sleep in it. I figured since i already have problem skin i had nothing to lose. I slept in it. Yes i did. And i tell you what.. I woke up and i noticed that my areas of redness wernt red and on fire. My cyst were small and no longer in flamed. After two weeks of using it Every day..even if i put it on before i went to sleep..i have no had a new break out. So ME personally im sticking with BM, it not only covers up what i need it too but also helps heal. I went from proactive to their cleanser because it made such a big difference to me. No gimmick here for me. Cover fx was 42 dollars just for the foundation. I got the kit with brushes foundation, bronzer and veil, and primer for 62bucks in store. im a customer for life.