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Campsie Medical Imaging | Comprehensive Medical Imaging PracticeCampsie Medical Imaging | Independently owned state of the art medical imaging practice - Campsie Medical Imaging utilises the most advanced imaging technologies available. Call our friendly reception staff on (02) 9789 3033.


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  • Barkis - Quick, easy, and (once you customize it) familiar.My Windows 8 installation was on an older Dell desktop machine and went very smoothly. My experience with Windows 8 on this machine and on a new Toshiba laptop has been good: the OS is solid, fast, and at least as good as Windows 7, my all-time favorite Windows release to date. I won't bemoan the Metro interface (or whatever Microsoft calls it this week) -- if it was on a tablet it might be just fine. However you like it, one good option is to consider installation of ClassicShell. This open source project brings back the familiar 'Start' button and lets you customize the UI in other ways. For example, you can disable the hot corners that bring up the Metro tiles, boot right to the desktop instead of the Metro screen, and 'tweak' things to look more like Windows 7 (or earlier).

    Windows 8 was a good purchase and I am very pleased with the result on my upgraded desktop machine!
  • Ivy Robinson - great productevery diet pill or anything saying diet made me sick and raised my blood pressure and heart rate. This product didnt in fact my pressure and my cholesterol went down. I dont eat as much and my cravings are very little. I do crave more sweets some days then there are days I have to make myself eat. Others made me a little lite headed but not this. I plan on ordering another bottle. I only take 6 a day 2 before each meal. I have lost about 3 inches in 2 weeks and about 7lbs.