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  • Catcollectorjoe a.k.a. Mediawingnuts.blogspot - Not easy to read AT ALL!The message was a stomach punch. No, I didn't agree with every word (I do believe God loves sinners, for example), but the overall message was not lost on me one bit. My life has already begun to change and for that, I simply say, "Thank you, Jesus!" I could not read this book in one sitting; after as few as ten minutes at times, I had to lay the book down and allow myself to wipe my eyes dry as I contemplated what I had just read. A must read for all Christians!
  • wroclaw82 - Useful ResourceThis is a very useful resource in the medical school application process. It gives essential information in an accesible format.
  • Long Island, East, member - Was it MORELLI or RANGER?As I write this now, I feel confident to tell you, buy HOT SIX too. High Five has a little cliffhanger in the ending. Poor Stephanie is called to find a missing family member. Uncle Fred was - - well, Uncle Fred wasn't all that warm and cozy. Yet again, Stephanie is cast into the chaos of bounty-hunting, boyfriends, and trying to keep her car from being destroyed. Funny, active, keeps you going from start to finish. How does Janet Evanovich do it? Every one in the series gets better and better. SERIES STARTS: One for the Money, Two for the Dough, Three To Get Deadly, Four To Score, High Five, Hot Six. ... One had been running for naming book seven.
  • Under GOD- not man "ME" - and you can't stop us liberalsoffering her usual (can't disprove it even if you really tried) hard research, clever analyses, and hysterical sense of humour, Ann offers excerpts from her pithiest columns. The purpose? To use fact filled story after story to arm conservatives, neo-cons, religious right, right wingers, "nut jobs", whatever liberals (and this word is meant as an insult folks)want to call real Americans- with info to use against this cancer that eats our country from the inside out. Liberals hate this woman with a white hot passion- maybe you should find out why. Especially if YOU are tired of Liberals/Socialists/communists/appeasers/girlie men/feminists/etc.
  • Alicia S. Savino - the Artist wayGreat and easy guide for creativity... A must have book to go back-- read again, and again and feel, and know, what we already have inside.!!!!
    I also bought the book for my nice, who has an immense talent in anything she does. I recomend Cameron books to anyone who feels the stillnes inside and wants more....... Alicia savino:)