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  • Tom Manteuffel - The After-war Gets its DueDavid Finkle wrote a masterpiece in The Good Soldiers, earning a well-deserved Pulitzer Prize for the best book to come out of the Iraq War. This sequel, on the 'after-war', cuts even deeper. Finkle has a novelist's eye for detail, and his style is to recreate intimate scenes and thoughts of his subjects in ways that make you wonder whether he was there, while carefully erasing his own presence. He's also erased the line between journalism and literature, simply by listening hard to what his subjects were telling him.

    I harbor a fantasy that in the future, prior to committing the nation to any war, our political leaders will read this book, and that it will teach them just a little about the psychic damage war will inflict upon thousands of young, naive, and deeply patriotic persons, along with their families.
  • W. - SCD has worked for meA year and a half ago I tried this diet based solely on the reviews I read here. I have been in remission since then. I remember reading these very reviews thinking, "How can this book be a cure when I've had this disease for over a decade and nobody's mentioned it to me? If it was as simple as this diet, surely a doctor would have recommended it by now." I was highly skeptical. I was even worried that it was a cult or something, that it was New Age bunk, positive thinking, or something bizarre like that. But I tried it and, in short, the diet started working for me within 48 hours, and I stuck with it all the way through to total remission for 18 months now. I no longer need to be on the diet, and eat whatever I want now, because the diet has apparently reversed my Crohn's, as wild as that sounds, after a little less than the year she recommends one should adhere to it. I am still truly amazed. I'm writing this to the person out there reading this page who is like I was, skeptical to the core, burned in the past by New Age snake oil, and wary. I don't know if it will work for you, but it has worked for me. It was designed by a biochemist who has a real working theory behind it, and it is logical when you look at her reasoning. The idea is that complex carbs are just too taxing on your system, and removing them for a substantial period of time can sort of re-boot your GI tract. The one caveat is that I found I really had to be uncompromisingly strict with this diet, especially early on. I had to read all labels, give up restaurants, and needed my partner and family to help improvise a way of eating on this austere diet that was workable. It was not easy, but it was miles easier than being sick and in pain, so I stuck to it doggedly. It has paid off more than I ever expected. I feel obligated to write this review because the reviews that came before mine are responsible for me trying this diet, which, without overstatement, saved my life.
  • C. DICKERSON - Exciting workout.I had the original Your Shape Evolved. I have to say that this game changed so much and is better equipped to cater for different workout needed. I enjoy the warm ups and different dance workouts. This has got to be the best workout game in Kinect as far as I'm concern. Even my son plays along, he thinks the "run the world" is fun. He even tried doing the warm ups with me and he's 3 years old. Highly recommended for busy individuals who prefers working out in the comfort of their own home without the hassle of going to the gym. This game works.
  • Saluta - High road to self preservation or the challenge of sharing your heart?Crossroads brought us two new characters intertwined in the lives of characters that have previously appeared in Radclyffe's medical stories. Hollis and Annie share a painful past that creates a challenge when they meet again after being assigned to work together to determine how their professions can collaborate. I always think it is fascinating how Radclyffe brings in her own medical exposure and knowledge to her stories- giving the readers the intense experience of being in an operating room, dealing with a medical crisis, and the weight of responsibility that lies so heavily on the medical professionals and she did not disappoint with Crossroads in this area. Her wonderful writing doesn't only bring us into the hospital it brings us into the hearts of both Hollis and Annie as they learn to trust themselves in order to trust the love between them. In addition to having a wonderful love story, I think I liked best the hobby of cycling being brought into the story as a way to connect new characters with old, find an outlet for stress, and create a bonding experience between generations. Being an active cyclist, it made the characters that much more personable and allowed me to get sucked into the story that much further. Overall, Crossroads is another great read by Radclyffe that I would not hesitate to recommend.