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  • Brice S. - Here's a real review.Ok, so here's a real review. Not a review that was written a couple days after the trying this product either. I waited 2 whole months to write this review because I know how important these reviews can be for a person (like myself) struggling with intestinal problems. Sometimes you try everything and start to give up and totally abandon any idea of relief.

    So, does it work? Yes. It started working for me almost instantly. By the next day I was going regularly. I have struggled tremendously for years with abdominal pain, cramping and bathroom irregularities. I saw every doctor in the world and was prescribed all types of pills. Then one day I just so happen to see the commercial for Align and decided to give it a shot. I was thrilled to see that it had worked. This is perfect for anyone who suffers from intestinal problems such as IBS.

    I would never recommend any product that didn't work to any one who suffered as much as I did with these problems. Try it, trust me, it works.

    Though the earlier review I wrote is still completely true, there seems to to be a stipulation. When I wrote this review I had initially done so after trying it for a couple months. I bought this order from my local drug store. Soon after writing this review I ordered Align on Amazon. After trying it for a few days I noticed that I was not getting the same all. It had suddenly stopped working all together. WELL, turns out there was a good explanation. I called my local drug store and told them I had ordered these pills online. I was informed that since I lived in Texas ordering pills through the mail was a very bad idea, and the post office agreed. Turns out the these pills along with other capsule pills are quickly deactivated by a hot mail box. So the pills I ordered were completely useless with in one hour. If you can, do not order these during the summer months, especially if you live in a hot state. I learned the hard way. But this in no way effects my initial review of Align. Align is an excellent product. I've just learned to spare the few dollars and get it at the drugstore. Oh, and for those of you who are wondering if the heat effects shipments to drugstores, it doesn't....usually. There is a big difference between these being transported in hot conditions such as truck trailers and cargo and sitting in a 160 degree mailbox. Even trailers won't soar to those temperatures. Just a friendly heads up.
  • "" - VIVIDI am reading Diana G's books in order, thanks to this board. Claire and Jamie's story is outstanding. In this issue, she returns to the 1750's when she discovers Jamie is still alive there. The changes they have both been thru for the past 20 years are realistic and heart-wrenching. Every description is vivid and you feel tremendously throughout the whole book. Claire is now a doctor which comes in very handy for everyone. The humor and love between these two is so wonderful to read. They get into so much trouble you CANNOT put the book down until you see them safely out of it! :) I cannot believe how fast I read the first 3 and now will begin the fourth. I wish I could have my paychecks sent directly to my home instead of disturbing my reading flow! Enjoy!
  • sadler29 - best purchase ever!I purchased this for my 20 month old (now 2 years old) because we were moving to Germany, and would be living in hotels/temp housing for 3-4 months and wouldn't be able to purchase a large high chair. This is PERFECT! it is compact and folds up so small and even has a great bag that is attached and folds up into a picket on the bottom(and thus can't be lost in all our moving). it is VERY sturdy! My 2 year old has developed a habit of pushing a chair up to it and climbing in himself- standing in it at one point and the chair table chair doesn't budge. He usually HATES high chairs and refuses to sit in most, but like this one. It is easy to attach to most tables and easy to clean.

    Great purchase for anyone doing a lot of traveling or just to keep in your car.
    LOVE my brown and blue combo color too.