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  • Dugyot - Highly Recommended GRE BookI am very familiar with Dr. Gruber's SAT and ACT books, having used them with great success. I was very glad to see his new GRE book and have finished about of the book. I have taken the first GRE practice test and was so happy to see how much I've improved in every area, from the official GRE test which was on the GRE website. The strategies and review material are exceptional. I have used other GRE books in the past before Dr. Gruber wrote this book but was disheartened with the other books. This new book has gotten my self-esteem for this test much higher, and I now know how to answer questions on the new GRE through Gruber's outstanding techniques. The only thing in the book you don't need so much is the 3400 word vocabulary builder Gruber provides. I think his Prefix-Root list which gives you definitions of hundreds of thousands of words, and his great vocabulary strategies would suffice. All in all, this book provides a great tool for preparation for the new GRE. I really appreciate his Strategy Diagnostic Test and the 20-Question Test --- both of which give you the exact strategies you need immediately. The GRE test questions in this book are just like the test questions in the official GRE test on the GRE website and the questions in the authentic GRE test in the Official Guide to the GRE. In Gruber's book there are also explanatory answers keyed to the important strategies and basic skills.
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