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  • Rebecca Baker "becky.bee" - Great Cooling Product!I have suffered for quite a long time with hot flashes and night sweats. I had no idea there was a pillow to cool your body down. Fantastic for sleeping. I don't have night sweats anymore. I even put it behind my shoulds at the sofa while watching TV and I feel much much cooler now. I love
    this Chillow pillow!!
  • ERIC - SickThis tablet is amazing. I've had it for almost a year now. It's super fast an does everything that I want it to do. I mostly just surf the web here an their but I do more reading on it than anything else. The screen is fantastic an bright an quality is amazing. Would recommend this to anyone wanting a powerful 10.1 tablet.
  • SG "Sheryl G." - A true Godsend!I was just like you...researching all the books here on for something that would tell me what to eat and what not to eat so I could get some kind of relief from the pain and horrible discomfort of Crohn's! My doctor provided as much help and percriptions as she could but could give me absolutly no advise on what to and what not to eat (that wouldn't hurt!). Well, she was right about one thing, food doesn't seem to cause the illness (which shocked me!) but certain food do irritate or exasperate the inflamation that already exisits!

    I read all the high reviews of this book and since I had nothing else to lose, ordered it. I read it. It made a lot of sense. And then I did the hardest thing...I made a decision to implement the diet. The first week was difficult because I wasn't used to the "restrictions"...they seemed so unusual. But, all I can tell you is that it worked!! the first few days my "D" turned green and like water, but that cleared up after a week or two and then 90% of all my cramping, bloating, and swelling and "D" stopped.

    All I can say is to trust the diet! Trust these reviews. Your own recovery will be different than mine, but you will have recovery and relief from the intense pain!! The book also has a wonderful website with lots of links and forums for us to support each other.

    Best Wishes...
  • appledavie - Come on, its Apple!Very light and portable. I love it. The full iPad experience in a smaller version. The big iPad is too big for my taste. iPad Mini is perfect for watching movies, reading books, surfing the net, shopping, and listening to music. People complain about the screen resolution but I don't have any problems reading or looking at it. You can notice a difference if you have an iphone. But its not a huge difference. Its wonderful to have a small tablet. Apple has done exceptionally well with iPad Mini. Go for it, but it if you can.
  • Christopher - Inter-Dimensional travel now a reality.Using Testing Product expanded my mind beyond 3 dimensional space into alternate realities no human mind has ever yet perceived. Both parent AND child, I am now a pan-universal wizard of time and space. I often travel forward (1st dimension), sideways (2nd dimension), up (3rd dimension), yorbic (4th dimension) and gablic (5th dimension) all SIMULTANEOUSLY. In another universe, I am now a king. A warrior. An eater of suns. Recommend highly.